My figure collection so far

I thought i would share with everyone my collection so far. This was the shot i submitted to Danny’s your desk giveaway. i have moved my figures around a bit since then. updates below.


Ill start from left to right:


Some close ups. OS Idol Win Chan was my first figure and Nagato Witch Ver. was my first figma.


Really like the illustration works of Ni θ. Love the design for Air, one of my favs so far.


Figs on my SFF PC, also a big fan of Tsukasa Jun’s works.


Tsukasa admiring Kanu’s oppai, while Miyuki checks out those legs ^^


Kamen Rider Kabuto S.H. Figuarts collection. Lately i have been really getting back into action figures, just so much fun to keep things fresh with new poses.


Well, hope you enjoyed checking out my collection. I have a few new figs on the way, including my first Nendoroid ^^ will post when i receive them.


~ by rockleelotus on May 24, 2009.

6 Responses to “My figure collection so far”

  1. nice collection u got there ^^

  2. Oooh, nice indeed! I really like your Konata and Yuki figmas, Melona, and the lovely lady to the right of Melona(not sure of her name) ^^

    • thx! shes Kaze no Ushiro wo Ayumumono aka “Kazeko” from the game Jingai Makyo. dont know much about her myself but she really caught my eye so i had to get her.

  3. would i sell my gundam for a figma?????????////

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