June Loot – Nendoroid Fever

Ohaaa! Just a quick update about my two recently acquired  Nendoroids this month!


As you can see we have the super kawaii Miku Hatsune and the ever lovely Yoko Nendoroid.


I got Yoko from part 2 of the HLJ anniversary sale. It was a really great deal and i regret not picking up two instead.  Yoko is just plain awesome, check out her lovely navel!


Just received Miku this morning, she was actually the first Nendro i wanted to get but always had a hard time finding a good deal. Miku is as cute as her pantsu(sorry no pics of that… yet ^_~) also no need for a stand, her pigtails will do just fine.


And finally, Saber Lion ask not to be ignored! She request your attention… and some food. (i put her in the stand backwards because she keeps falling back otherwise >_<)


~ by rockleelotus on June 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “June Loot – Nendoroid Fever”

  1. Once again, lucky you got a Miku nendoroid! They’re all too cute! May I ask where you bought Miku? Online? I’m searching for her, too ^^

    • thx! ^^ i got her from otaku fuel, its was their latest shipment wave and she didnt stay in stock long o.O

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