Deja Vu – Moar June Loots!

I received a package from Hobby Search this afternoon! Got a bit carried away this month in spending ^^; too much deals and goodies released.


Konata seems threatened, i wonder why?

Maybe its because of the heat this dark suited lady is packing?!


Well well, what do we have here? Thats right! its the lovely and sexy Reika figma SP! Reika is one of my fav characters in the manga Gantz. I had her on my GET list when the she was first announced, but then later removed it. Once the release date came close i regreted my decision and went on a waiting list to get her, lucky she became available on the day of release for a short period where i snatched her up before she went out of stock ^^


She is too awesome! i just might try to get my hands on another if i get the funds. The figma comes bundled with Gantz Vol. 26, the manga is in japanese and comes with a postcard and mini poster inside(note to self; take more pics ^^;).


Reika is fully loaded… in more ways then one as you can see ^^ but wait! whos that in the background?


Its Nagi! from Kannagi: Crazy Sunshine Maidens! I actually just finished watching the series a few weeks ago when i saw there was a Nendoroid of her out, and i told myself… GET THIS!


Shes really is a Goddess, a cute Goddess. I hope there is a season 2 in the works. The way they left things were sooo good and funny ^^


~ by rockleelotus on June 26, 2009.

9 Responses to “Deja Vu – Moar June Loots!”

  1. Still waiting for my reika to arrive ;_; I had her bundled with Saber Lily GSC, but she was since delayed, meaning my Reika won’t ship till end of this month …

    anyways, nice gets!

  2. Oh, wow! Reika figma, nice. And Nagi!


    • lol i had a feeling you would be excited about her.

      • I just realised how huuuge my button looks compared to the DC one, I can make a smaller button if you want lol it’s no trouble ^^

        • im trying to start a trend of oddly shaped buttons on blogs, maybe i should make a huge one too so you can put on your blog ^^;

          actually i dont think its a problem… your cool, so big button for you ^^b

        • lol that’d be cool!
          yay big button ^^

  3. Ohhh this Reika figma looks pretty awesome!

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