Reika figma

Word fail to express how much i have grown to love my Reika figma ^^ she is my favorite figma to date, so i thought id whip out a quick photo shoot~ish thingy.


Reika is from the sci-fi manga Gantz. I am overjoyed i decided to pick her up last moment. The details and quality on her suit, weapons, and face are very well done.


Reika looking good dual wielding her X-gun and X-rifle.



When guns dont do the trick, sometimes you gotta go melee. Reika knows how to handle a katana ^^ I was very intrigued by the Gantz plug suit and asked Reika to enlighten me of its details.


Thats when she did this! I did not expect her to go into such detail. Being an idol i guess she wasnt very shy and all was well until…


I did this ^^;


In the end i think we both enjoyed ourselves ^^


~ by rockleelotus on July 4, 2009.

9 Responses to “Reika figma”

  1. She’s so awesome! I wish I had a Reika. Too bad she’s expensive with the manga ^^;

  2. Oh man! I regret never get this Reika figma after reading your review!!

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