Art Dump from 2008…

I was going through my art files and i realized that i havent really drawn or created any 3D works in 2009 O_O! I am very disappointed in myself and this post is in part to remind myself to get started. So i present to you a few works i created last year in what i like to call; Art Dump from 2008… in 2009 ^^;

cloud x tifa

Cloud and Tifa fan art. This was when i was trying really hard(not really ^^;) to get used to drawing with a tablet on PC. No clean up done, i think i know how to approach it but not familiar with the tools required and Photoshop in general.

Original character design based on FFVII Advent Children, pretty much a copy of Cloud ^^; his buster sword is composed of 2 blades.

origianl soldier

As you can see Cloud is one of my favorite characters ^^ this one was prolly done in 2007, i forget. Sketched with tablet and attempted some clean up, i like the perspective in this one(coloring is not my strong suit…).

cloud color3

Now on the the 3D goodies. Tony Tony Chopper!!! from One Piece, he is awesome. This is a work in progress. Im not happy with the face, will eventually get around to fixing it? Click here for animated turnaround render.


Original character, guy with bear hat. Another work in progress… from last year ^^; animated turnaround here.

bear hat guy

More original stuff: jade ninja boy, lotus ninja girl, blood sword guy, and hot dark elf(w.i.p.)^^




original dark elf

Still have a bit more old stuff, will post another time if anyone is interested. Of course i will put up new stuff when inspiration strikes!


~ by rockleelotus on July 8, 2009.

5 Responses to “Art Dump from 2008…”

  1. Nice! Love the drawings, especially the detail on Cloud’s sword!

    Your 3D word it awesome ^^ Are you planning on becoming a 3D animator?

    • i still need to develop my drawing ability, care to share a few pointers senpai? ^^

      it is my goal to be a 3D character modeler or animator for video games. its what i studied in school, though i have been struggling in the self motivation department since i finished ^^;

      • Aww I can’t think of any tips. Probably just keep practicing! You’re still a great artist ^^

        I knew it! lol that’s awesome ^^

  2. The 3D stuff look Neat! I wish I can draw on 3D. What software do you use?

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