This morning i attempted(failed) to make omuraisu(rice omelet). After a sleepless night of gaming, web surfing and anime, hunger strikes. Maybe the idea came from watching Kyouran Kazoku Nikki ep 12+13 where omuraisu was plenty.


It doesnt look like its suppose too… a little too much rice? ^^; i couldnt fold it closed. Plating it upside down would have been more appealing? Basically i used what i had available: rice, pork, monterey jack cheese, ketchup, egg, salt and pepper! mmmhmm it was not bad, i shared with Saber Lion and she seems to enjoy it too ^^

attempt #2 coming soon…


~ by rockleelotus on July 10, 2009.

One Response to “Omuraisu”

  1. That looks really good right now, I haven’t aten yet tonight ^^; It’s okay that it didn’t turn out the way it should look, believe me I’d do worse ^^;;; *is terrible at cooking*

    I see Nagi and Miku in the background! Makes want them more and more… ^^;

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