Nendo Shorts – Different Meaning of Fun

I have been spending a lot of time on my PSP playing Project Diva lately. My current achievements are %100 songs unlocks and %85 costumes unlocked. The hardest song in the game has a 7 star difficulty rating, which was also the last song i cleared. I dont know the english translation for the tittle but i kept going until i beat hard mode with “great” ranking, which left me feeling rather accomplished ^^

short001Miku introduces Yoko to her new video game and ask if she want to try it.

short002Yoko thinking about it.

short003Miku loaded the hardest song in the game and Yoko is not to happy about it.

(after a while)

short004Yoko is ready to show Miku a fun little game of her own.


Partly inspired by Kodomut and his creative nendo stories, i decided to try and make one myself. It took me a lot of time to change the faces and arms and posing them for each shot… i found it quite difficult lol. Its not that great i know, im horrible with dialog so i didnt write any ^^; i have another one i will upload later and will prolly use it for Danny’s giveaway.


~ by rockleelotus on July 17, 2009.

4 Responses to “Nendo Shorts – Different Meaning of Fun”

  1. When there is narration, you don’t need comments ^^

    It’s a good story too because it’s easy to understand, don’t worry about coming up with weird ones. Just let your imagination flow.

    Haha, and yes!! posing and changing is a pain. But you’ll reach a stage where you will be very fast and quick in changing the faces and limbs. I was really slow when I started out ^^

    • it took some patience to make such a short story but it was very fun too.

      i need to get a plastic container with dividers to store all my nendo parts like you, right now they are separated into 3 figma bags ^^;

  2. Aw they’re so adorable ^^ Interesting little Nendo shorts, I’m looking forward to seeing more!

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