Random Morning Photo -Eye to Eyes-

Been posting a lot of random stuff lately… so why not continue. Another random photo taken in the early morning hours. i really like this arrangement ^^


Just look at Tsukasa’s expression as she get an eye full of Kanu’s lovely eyes ^^ …and an extra special view of Melona to the side! :3

Kamen Riders appear out of no where in the back and battle to be the first to take a peak.


~ by rockleelotus on July 21, 2009.

9 Responses to “Random Morning Photo -Eye to Eyes-”

  1. Kanu! And Melona! ^^ Oh, seems like Kanu is cast offable ^^ Melona is reeal lovely, too

    • yep she is! im using a red ribbon because the original red top(which was my fav out the the 3) broke >_<; i think Melona can cast off too but i havent tried it ^^

  2. Hello

    I saw your site today. Mind if we exchange banner? my traffic is good. shoot me an email if you are ok with it.


  3. where did you find the Kanu figure? I want one! 😦

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