Dollfie Dream Dynamite Yoko -Part 1-

A familiar looking package was received recently with “Fragile” written all over it  ^___________^ a little bit late in posting but… Yoko has arrived!!

PICT0196Huge box… i mean its really huge!

PICT0197Sleeping beauty.

PICT0205After peeling away many many layers of fun bubble wrap, i was presented with the stunning beauty that is Yoko! She is my first Dollfie daughter and its very much different to see a Dollfie in person than in pictures, they are really BIG! …yeah those eyes are big ^^ I cant help but smile every time i look at her cute face.

ddinfo01Bits of informative material on accessories and clothing included.

acc01Outfit and wig. The tiny boots are freakin’ awesome! and the little amount of clothing that Yoko comes with lol tiny pantsu doesnt look like it will fit around her wide hips  :3 and the wig was a little dusty and dirty at the tips, but the quality is high and its very soft and smooth. Didnt take a shot of the Rifle as it was super bubble wrapped and you wouldnt be able to tell what it was.


PICT0209She is just absolutely adorable! Dont you agree?

PICT0212Love this look with her hair flowing over her shoulder like that. Pantsu fits snugly ^^ I think Yoko is requesting to get fully dressed now…

Ive been quite busy lately and will split this post in 2 parts. Im impressed with the quality of my Yoko Dollfie, she far surpassed my expectations and im glad i made this investment ^^ Currently im trying to figure out how to protect her from staining. I can make a DIY wigcap but i wonder if the bikini and shorts will stain and that leaves me clueless.

More photos coming soon in part 2.


~ by rockleelotus on July 31, 2009.

11 Responses to “Dollfie Dream Dynamite Yoko -Part 1-”

  1. My comment was aten ^^; Oops

    Anyways, Yoko is SO GORGEOUS!! Congrats! I can’t wait to see more pictures. ^^ About how tall is she?

    Also, I’ve seriously been looking into buying a Dollfie Dream. I’m just worried what the folks will think about the price ^^; Any suggestions?

    And one more question. Where did you buy your Yoko? I’m wondering because on the Volks USA site I can only find two dollfies(Aoi and Yukino). But on the Japanese site, there’s a much bigger selection.

    • thx! she is a beauty ^^ Yoko is about 2 feet tall xD im still amazed by the size of Dollfies.

      glad to hear you really want a DD! depends how cool your folks are ^^; present them the idea and pics(they might like em too!) save up or BARGAIN with them lol if all else fail then find work to pay for it yourself ^^ either way it will be worth it.

      i got Yoko from the international site because they released her early. thing about character dollfies is; they announce them then take reservations and manufacture that amount. thats why if you dont get them at that time you gotta pay premium prices on places like yahoo auctions japan, just look at Saber and Tamaki for examples XD

      im new to the Dollfie scene but if you have anymore questions i will try to answer ^^

      • Ah yes! I definitely should let them know about the Dollfies and such ^^ I really hope they will like them! I’m sure that they will still be shocked at the price at first, but I’ll do what I can to bargain ^^ *prepares to do a looooot of chores*

        Oh I see. I wonder if the International site get all of the character dollfies up for pre order. I really want Louise too ^^;;

        I’m sure I’ll have more questions in the future, thanks a bunch!

  2. nearly everything you need to know about dollfie care. 🙂 May you be a good father to Yoko.

  3. Wow, she is a pure cutie pie~!

    I really would like a dollfie, so baad, but I live in the UK and they don’t send to brits like me. ): Unless I’m really sneaky and send it to a friend in the US then get them to send it to me. ;P

    But yeah, the only thing is the price tag. I’m only 13 and I’m getting a paper route, which is about £10 a week. So in about..what, four months? I might have enough to spare for a dollfie. It’ll all be worth it though, to hold my new little daughter dollfie in my arms ^^

    • even VolksUSA wont ship to UK? sounds like you would make a great parent with those efforts and they are a big investment but definitely worth it. good luck to you in saving ^^

      • Heh thanks, sorry I only just found your site again DX I’m in school you see (Yes, a rebel otaku in lunch. Touch me *Holds out fist* XD)
        But yeah, I’ll try VolksUSA, didn’t actually think of that o_o My wordpress is ImaginaryPedoBear by the way, still in progress while I find a cool background ;D

  4. So, where did you buy your yoko from? I seriously think she is very gorgeous!

    • Yoko sends her thanks for the compliment 😀 i got mine from Volks
      International when she was announced, since they were releasing her earlier than Volks USA. was a little more expensive too but i couldnt wait ^^;;

      a while back i heard that you can still get her in Yahoo Auctions Japan for cheaper than retail but im not sure if that is still the case today.

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