Dollfie Dream Dynamite Yoko -Part 2-

PICT0215Finally got around to dressing Yoko for the most part and took a few more pics of my first Dollfie ^^


PICT0218A formal welcome greeting from the nendos and figmas. Looks  like Reika thinks this is another Gantz mission giant… and Saber Lion always requesting food from anyone she meets… perhaps she wants milk this time ^_~

PICT0220Giant sniper rifle! Came in three parts, the pink strap is very nice. Also there are four “support stands”? that you attach on the center; two for when “not in use mode” as pictured above and the other two for the fold out position. You can also rotate the front of the scope ^^ however you cant take out the ammunition clip.

PICT0222Glove hands, bracelets, arm sleeve, rifle parts and hair clips. I had trouble attaching the skull clip correctly >_< and i kept messing up her hair so i left it off for now.

PICT0216Yoko taking a look around… lovely rear view ^^

PICT0214She measures about 2ft standing up straight towering over all my other figure, really love the new Dynamite body. There isnt much space for taking photos on my desk when it comes to Dollfies but ill try to set up an area to take better shots next time ^^ as for now, I have so much to learn about my daughter and how to care for her.


~ by rockleelotus on August 2, 2009.

16 Responses to “Dollfie Dream Dynamite Yoko -Part 2-”

  1. Lovely, I wish I had decided to pick her up, I really like her cheerful face. You have to take more photos :3

    • she has a very cute smile ^^
      more photos to come! i actually took a lot more photos but my camera has bad focus so most of them came out blurry lol >_<;

  2. So cute! I love her eyes, they’re gorgeous(I mean the ones on her face xD)! I really like her outfit, too. Yoko looks great in dollfie form. ^^ Makes me want my own dollfie more and more ^^;;

    • lol her eyes were one of the first thing that caught my attention. you can see your reflection in them too, very different from the usual PVC figures. take the journey to Dollfie land with us ^^

  3. Aaaah! She is simply gorgeous! I love her cute cheerful expression (^▽^). Her eyes are gorgeous too. And that’s one huge sniper rifle. Wish I could’ve gotten my hands on her when pre-orders were up but I was just too broke atm (^^;;).

    Lovely pictures too! (´・ω・`)

    • thx, she is lovely ^^
      that is a huge problem with limited releases, gotta make sure funds are available at that time ^^; i was lucky enough to have just saved up.

  4. I envy you ^^
    really need to adopt myself now I think about it!

  5. Ah, I’m jealous. I really wanted the Nia Dollfie but there was no way I could afford that on top of all the other things I want. Congrats on the lovely Yoko.

  6. Hi there, how much you get your yoko?

    • hey, i got her for a little over $700 from Volks International. the order period for Yoko is already over though, the only way to get her now is from third parties like yahoo auctions japan and such ^^;

  7. In regards to staining a body stocking will help prevent staining ( I know it’d show) even though its visible. Enjoy your doll!

  8. oooh old web head woulde flatt-end seeing yoko and by the way shes as hot as summer coulde be

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