Gundam Exia -Ignition Mode-

Last week i jumped back into gunpla with the Master Grade Gundam Exia Ignition Mode kit. Its been over ten years or so? since i put together a Gundam. The last kit i remember doing was the Master Grade RX-178 Gundam MK-II, i was looking for it so i could take some photos but i seem to have misplaced it the last time i moved ^^; It took me almost 2 days to finish Exia, it was a relearning experience that was really enjoyable. Now on to the photos!

PICT0237My fav shot of the bunch. One thing i like about gunpla is adding some customized battle damage scars, they are fighting machines after all.



PICT0226I added light scratches and some dirt, a bit hard to see in the pics? I plan to add a lot more damage later on, also need to pick up some batteries for the GN Drive too… will update when i do ^^


PICT0259Overall shots. This is an awesome kit, proportions are dynamic and with decals(80% of which i poorly applied ^^;) it looks amazing. Im using a spare Final Fantasy Play Arts stand for Exia.



PICT0243Nice reach, though the back armor plates move around a lot and can be a little annoying >_<

PICT0248Im really satisfied with Exia Ignition Mode. I ended up not putting together the extra Repair parts, i prefer this mode. Also i wanted to add a coat of Mr. Super Clear Flat but i never done that before so maybe next time. Im excited to build more gunpla after this, wondering which model i should make next ^^


~ by rockleelotus on August 6, 2009.

11 Responses to “Gundam Exia -Ignition Mode-”

  1. I regret canceling my pre-order for this! I’ve seen so many awesome pictures of it already built and it looks amazingggg! TToTT

    I’d like to say it’s been ages since I last built/painted a gunpla (or that’s how it feels like) but I haven’t built one since the Gundam 00 1/100 kits came out back then.

    The scratches and dirt looks pretty awesome on it. ^^ Love the photos! ^o^

    • hlj still has it but on low stock, get one! ^^

      i saw a lot of rave reviews on it too, this is prolly one of the best MG kits out. its so fun to get back into building mode after a long break, especially with this kit.

  2. Seen a couple of guys post theirs and this is the first time that I’ve been wowed 😀 The inner frames on this one is pretty amazing right?

    • im wowed that your wowed ^_^
      almost everything about this one is amazing! i havent made much gunpla but this is so far my fav.

      • It could have been the angle of the shots or something but it looks clean unlike what I’ve seen with others who rushed their kits..

        Nubs, messy panel lines, etc. ^^;

        • thx, i did sand down most of the nubs to a decent level and some of the panel lines are messy on purpose, like around vents to look dirty.

          i will post an update in a couple days once i added a bit more battle damage and get my batteries. hope to get your opinion on it then, ill try to take clearer pics too lol ^^

  3. heh man did you flat coat it? love the matt look on the blue.

    • i ended up skipping the flat coat(never done it before and didnt want to accidentally ruin such a good kit) it could be the effect from the grainy photos ^^;

      sanding down random spots for battle damage helps divert from the plastic look too.

  4. Ah grainy photos haha ^^.

  5. Dang, that looks awesome! Holy cow, this Exia sure is detailed. I love the scratches and dirt and such too, looks like it just got back from an intense battle ^^

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