Reika’s New Look + Random Stuff

As i mentioned in my Gundam Exia post yesterday, i decided not to put together the Exia Repair parts. So what to do with the extra pieces? heres the idea that i got ^^PICT0269

PICT0270Doesnt she just look awesome with that black cape? When i was going through the spare parts, the cloak was the first thing that caught my eye that could be useful. Reika just happended to stroll next to me as i was holding it up and noticed they kinda match! It was a quick and pretty poorly done mod ^^; didnt really think it through and went for it as soon as i got the idea.


PICT0267Sephirothic image!

now for some random photos;

PICT0274Yuki hacked into Gantz and brought back a lovely souvenir.

PICT0276Kabuto and Kazeko ^^

PICT0275this need a caption lol


~ by rockleelotus on August 7, 2009.

4 Responses to “Reika’s New Look + Random Stuff”

  1. Ohmy, now that’s a very neat idea! The cape fits Reika perfectly! ^o^

    Lol @ the last image~

  2. Reika looks great with the cape! ^^

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