Customized Battle Damaged Exia

This is my completed customized battle damaged version of the MG Exia. Spent about 3 days on it from start to finish. Im pretty satisfied with the results, and think it looks way better this way ^^


PICT0308First time attempting bullet hole damage, added to the left front and back shoulder as well as the top of the right shoulder plates as seen above. Here are some overall shots:




PICT0305Drasticaly increased the amount of scars. Time for some detail shots:

PICT0307Primary shield; so it should have deflected a massive amounts of attacks. Bullet holes and a few beam saber damage.

PICT0309GN blade shield; since this is a close combat melee weapon, i mainly added sword and beam saber damage effects.

PICT0315Damage sustained to the back and right side of head, close up of the right shoulder also.

PICT0311Back of the left shoulder has been shot a few times and the tiny piece of the edge blown off.

PICT0310Massive damage to the right leg, knee plating almost destroyed. Few shots taken to groin area also >_<

PICT0317Light cuts and scrapes to the back of the legs.

PICT0325Wear on the feet; even though most battles were in space, he has his moments with land battles.

Glamour shots:


PICT0324Feels so good to make Gunpla after so many years ^^ For those interested, a quick summary of my process.

-sand/buff overall areas to remove plastic look and give light scratches.

-exaggerate certain areas with more sanding, use cutting knife and file to scrape/cut selected ares.

-use a stick of incense to lightly melt the plastic to simulate impact of bullets and beams.

-fill in areas with Gundam marker to accentuate burnt/dirty look.

-clean up

These were the only tools i had available:

PICT0299Gundam markers(GM01 and GM21), cutting knife, file, sand paper(P800 + P1000), and rubber eraser. I also used a stick of incense and tons of ear swabs for cleaning.

Thanks for looking ^^


~ by rockleelotus on August 8, 2009.

21 Responses to “Customized Battle Damaged Exia”

  1. Does Gundam markers have permanent ink?

    • when applied to Gundams u can rub them off with water/rubbing alcohol if u need to because its plastic, but on anything else i think its permanent. hope that makes sense ^^;

  2. WOW. That is way cool! I seriously loooove the bullet holes and scratches. Amazing work!

  3. Love the bullet holes on the shoulders and the shield. Must have been a hell of a fight haha ^^. Do you also plan to do the repair version? Think it will go well with your weathering. ^^

    • fight for peace is intense!
      i considered the Repair version but prefer this one instead. if i did make the Repair one, i would go extreme mode(destroy the right knee and break the nub that attaches to knee armor) which means i wont be able to convert it back to this mode ^^;

      hmmm would be nice to have a second kit lol

  4. Holy crap, that looks amazing! I LOVE THE BULLET HOLES.

  5. The quality of your battle damage is quite good but I think you overdid it.. Cut half of the battle damage and it’s perfect (for me anyway).

    Seems like Exia went on with Heavyarms custom XD

  6. Wow.. nice efect ^___^

  7. Great build, man. I love that you used incense to make your bullet holes. I always thought the only way to do it was a nail and a lighter. I’d never try it, though….way too afraid. Anyway, I hope to see more from you.

    • thanks! using a nail+lighter never crossed my mind ^^; but the incense is very effective and seems easier too. if you ever consider trying it, test it out on spare parts/runners/ smaller kits first, who knows you might find it fun like me ^^

      im looking into picking up some more kits soon, just deciding on which ones.

      • Yeah I had a big debate just now when I found that after I finished my Astray Red Frame, I didn’t have another model on standby.

        I ended up going with the MG Wing Zero Custom because I wanted an eye-grabber.

        I hope you pick something awesome!

        • very nice choice, MG Wing Zero Custom is definitely an eye catcher! as for me im considering MG Strike Freedom and now that you mention it, maybe Wing Zero Custom. i made the 1/144 version long ago and he just cries out for battle damage lol

        • Not a fan of AMV’s but 8:56 is all you.

  8. Lol,can’t wait to see you do a battle damaged version of 1/144 Wing! I’ll try out your incense technique on my old hg freedom before I try on my MG exia repair. ^^

    • ahh i should have typed it clearer ^^; i made the 1/44 wing zero custom with battle damage(couldnt resist, also my first time doing it) many years ago. wish i still had him to share pics but it seems all my old Gunpla was lost after i moved a couple years ago.

      so your going to do battle damage to your Exia? awesome! im sure adding custom damage to the repair mode will look sweet ^^

  9. […] up extreme bullet holes! This is done by rockleelotus […]

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