Kamen Rider Randomness

PICT0334♫ nanana… i wish i was a butterfly, so i could fly free ♫

PICT0336♫ i want to be a teddy bear, so you can hug me ♫



PICT0340Partner. We are better off staying away from the light… especially that kind!


PICT0341*crazy guitar solo*


PICT0344Whats is the meaning of this?!

PICT0346Oh? I dont see a problem.

PICT0345How come i only get castanets?!

PICT0348Obachan said this, “All is one. One is all.” Even the littlest actions are part of the bigger picture.

PICT0347 Yooossshhhh!! Un-taaaaaaannnnn!!!~


I was dusting my figures and accessories then thought of this lol. Quote taken from Full Metal Alchemist, i am bored XD


~ by rockleelotus on August 14, 2009.

8 Responses to “Kamen Rider Randomness”

  1. THAT WAS BRILLIANT. I had a nice laugh there. lolol!

  2. LOL!! Nice! These are awesome ^^

  3. This is funny! You should post that in figure.fm! Love it.

  4. totally fits the characters of KR Kabuto! Humourous ^^

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