Exia meets Yoko -Truth Behind Exia Repair-

After an intense battle in space, Gundam Exia drifted off damaged onto unknown territory…

PICT0362Where am I?

PICT0365*Pew Pew PEW!*   (…nice effects huh? ^^;;;)

PICT0366Take this GUNMEN!

PICT0368*Pew PEW Pew*

Im not Gun-MEN, I am GUN-DAM!

PICT0371Gundam? …Sorry, my mistake.

PICT0375Whats a Gunmen? Is that a new model?

PICT0377I wonder where i am. Cant get a reading on Ptolemaios

PICT0380HMPH! You cant fool me Gunmen! Take a look down.

PICT0388*N2 Bomb?!?!?!*

PICT0393Oh shi~




Hope you enjoyed it! Sorry for bad quality and change in light, it got dark half way through the shoot lol… also been really wanting to get a new camera lately ^^;


~ by rockleelotus on August 15, 2009.

16 Responses to “Exia meets Yoko -Truth Behind Exia Repair-”

  1. Little Yoko blew up Exia!

  2. aaah, i love this! lolol
    love the little gunshot/star effects. ^^
    and lol @ the last image; wonder where she got that huge bomb from.

  3. I loled at the *pew pew pew* xD Poor Exia!

  4. coward using bomb ^_^;

  5. LOL N2 Bomb… Should have stoved the Explosion Scene from eva too!!

  6. This is way better than graham giving exia the stab at the end of season 1. lol ^^

  7. Try using the Seraphim on the next story.

  8. a new SLR cam would be great 😀

    btw the top corner of ur first 2 pics could use some cropping XD
    showing the binds on that paper thingy background lol

    • yep, really want a new cam but will be quite an investment.

      lol ya i have been lazy to setup a proper place to shoot, and as you can see also lazy to edit 😛 i know messy background can be distracting ^^;

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