August Loots

I received some loots a few days ago, was holding out and planning to do a special write up but i kept putting it off as exhaustion has taken a hold of me lately. Sorry for the very uninspired post that follows ^^;

PICT0432My first time ordering from Otacute! I have to say im very pleased with their service ^^

heres a quick list of the goodies:

PICT0418My reasons for making an August purchase is because of “figma Muv-Luv Alternative Mitsurugi Meiya UN Troop Ver.”  Im not familiar with her character but after seeing more pics of her when she was released, i decided Meiya was a GET! and i have to say she looks more awesome up close than i expected… errr i didnt take any more pics, see what i mean by uninspired? =_= but have no fear, special write up with her already planned!

PICT0415Next we have “My Otome O -S.ifr- Lena Sayers Lobe of Loftiness Ver. Olive Metallic Color Version!” She was on sale for such a low price it almost felt like i was stealing! To date, she is the largest PVC i ever bought and for the lowest price i ever spent lol. With her i also realized that i have just about no more space on my desk for figures, shes is still resting in her box XD uh oh!

PICT0400Also picked up the “Action Base 1 Sparkle Clear Green (Gundam Model Kits)” it was on sale and my Exia really needed a stand. Here we see him sharing it with sergent Keroro ^^ I found it awesome and funny that the stand itself required assembly just like Gunpla.

PICT0419I know, I have been whoring Exia on my site quite a bit now ^^; I just think hes very awesome and being my first Gundam in a looong time, i feel the need to share him. Hes holding sword from my old Evangelion action figures that i seem to have misplace but have their accessories nearby.

Last but not least:

PICT0399Freebies! Otacute sent me these 2 items for free! awesome! apparently they are from an eroge game =3 My experience with Otacute was wonderful, if you ever consider shopping from them, i think you will be very happy with the friendly service as i was ^^


*Side note: Im considering selling a few of my old PVC ladies, namely:
-Art of Shunya Yamashita: Shii Aritsugawa
-Excellent Model Core Tsukasa Bullet: Mariko Imai
-Excellent Model Core Tsukasa Bullet 02: Holstein Hanako

Ill do a post if i decide too, still not sure ^^;


~ by rockleelotus on August 20, 2009.

8 Responses to “August Loots”

  1. Again, glad Otacute’s service is good. And figma Meiya looks awesome ^^ The box is gorgeous. It’s okay if you post a lot of pictures of Exia, I can’t stop looking at him! He’s too awesome!

    I wonder what eroge those two girls on the keychains(or whatever they are) are from. They’re cute ^^

    You might sell Shii? Just curious, but about how much would you ask for her? ^^ Not that I have money or anything, though ^^;

    • thanks, i opened up Meiya and shes very shiny! and good to know Exia is being appreciated ^^ the game the girls are from is called “Till I Reach Your Tomorrow” by Purplesoftware. their art is really good =3

      im not too sure on prices yet but i know Shii is quite popular. She has a few paint marks left from her skirt, other than that shes in good condition. how much would you pay or think is a good price? $50-60?

      • I’d say that’s a good price ^^ Unfortunately I won’t have money for awhile. TT_TT As you already know, all of the figures coming out are really making my wallet cry! I’m still interested though~

  2. I’ve never tried Otacute but thanks to you giving them a thumbs-up I might try them in the near future! ^^ And that’s a nice loot you got there! Looking forward to more pics and seeing them out of their boxes. I know how you feel with the whole I’M RUNNING OUT OF SPACE for figures; I have alot of figures boxed up due to lack of space/shelves. Need to buy more shelves soonish~

    And pfft, one can never get tired of too much Exia whoring. By all means, keep whoring him some more! I love how your Exia turned out so it’s nice seeing him every time I visit your blog! 😀

    Those are some cute freebies! Reminds me of Otaku Fuel and how they give out nifty freebies too.

    And uwah! You’re planning on selling Shii? She’s one of my fave Shunya figures. Too bad she’s boxed, lolol.

    • hope things go smoothly once you try them. im considering getting some wall shelves too and trying to add levels on the desk would be nice. lol Exia whoring will commence! at least now i wont feel too bad if i post more pics of him XD

      Otacute does remind me of Otakufuel, ive only gotten buttons from them. i wonder if the Otacute freebies are a first time buyer thing, if they do it with every order that would be extremely awesome!

      Shii is one of my favs too but been more geared towards poseable figure lately ^^

  3. Otacute FTW!! My new favourite supplier! So I’m splitting my orders between HLJ and Otacute, since both of their shipping charges are reasonable, and waaaaay better than Hobbysearches. Only ever ordered one thing from HS, and that was my Shirley. Got slapped with customs for her aswell as like £15-20 shipping…

    • actually i first heard about them on your blog ^^ and i agree, they are now the first place i look to for my purchases! i ended up canceling my preorders from HS and made it with them lol. wow, that sucks about the situation with customs >_<

  4. […] me smile, but seeing the extra goodie made me smile even more. I remember seeing the keychain in this post! It is a very nice and thoughtful gift […]

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