Crossing Paths

Lots of pics ahead!




PICT0438Meiya: Nice reaction speed!

PICT0440Reika: What is it that you want?

PICT0439Meiya: Just a little fun, Entertain me!



PICT0444Meiya: Too slow!



PICT0452Meiya: You dont disappoint, looks like i wont have to hold back any longer.

PICT0453Reika: This ends now!





PICT0460Saber: …Both of you…




PICT0465Meiya: …Why are you interfering?

PICT0466Saber: Both of you… and your big oppai!!

PICT0467*Saber still believes she has a masculine body? orz*

PICT0468Yuki: Its okay… due to their oppai, they will have trouble on the path of becoming a great swordsmen.



this happened shortly after Sabers entrance:

PICT0469Its the first time any part of my figmas broke TT_TT  also is it just me, or are figmas just getting super sexy? …anyways, hope you enjoyed!


~ by rockleelotus on August 22, 2009.

9 Responses to “Crossing Paths”

  1. That was one helluva fight ^^. Love the fight sequence! I also broke one piece of mg exia…luckily managed to glue back..downside of playing too much with it haha.

    • lol yup thats the problem playing with figures, theres a chance thay will break ^^; but its so fun! glad to hear you were able to patch up Exia, unfortunately i dont think glue will hold in this case.

      both Reika and Meiya have nubs without the ball at the end for their hands, that makes it less likely they will break when changing them about ^^

  2. What a fight! Like the fight sequence too! Aww Saber, you should’ve let them continue! >.>

    And aaah! I keep seeing all these cute Figma’s and Nendo’s around the net breaking D:. Fortunately I haven’t had that happen to me yet; maybe it’s because I don’t play with mine as much lol.

    • thanks ^^ i had quite a few ideas on how to this should play out, but it was getting longer than i expected and decided to end it with a little humor XD

      ya, i think its bound to happen if you constantly play with these rather delicate figures. behind the scenes they are actually quite hard to play with lol parts everywhere, nendos falling over and figmas hands and hair pieces coming loose ^^; but theres still is fun to be had :3

  3. Wow that was awesome! I like how Reika looks with that cape and hat. I lol’d at Saber’s line xD

    Oh no!! Saber’s hand broke! I haven’t had any figmas break on me either, but my Fraulein Yoko’s joints are getting a little loose. ^^;

    • im glad you enjoyed it ^^ Reika has a completely different presence with the cape and hat on.

      Frauleins design looks like they have less chance of breaking, but i prefer figmas because they look cooler ^^ i wish they would make a Yoko figma!

  4. Whoa, nice fight! xD
    But poor Saber! I hope she isn’t disheartened for too long ^_^

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