Exia Repair Mode + Stuffs

Summer is coming to an end, but the temperature here is still running wild. With daily highs near or at 100F and no functioning AC, im finding it unbearable to stay in my room as usual with the PC aka “heater” running during the day. What to do in this downtime when the heat is up and PC is off… well, yesterday i noticed my Gundam Exia box and the untouched repair mode pieces… so i decided to put together my own quick version of Exia repair! Thats right, more Exia whoring!!


I kinda rushed through this without much planning so its a half-assed job ^^; my goal was to make him look near repair mode without taking away the ability to return him back to his normal state(to me full repair mode means breaking off nubs and doing a major overhaul with mods ^^;).

PICT0483Please forgive me with the blurry pics XD i seriously hate my camera at times like this, although some did turn out clear. Now on to detail shots!

PICT0484The terminator face! Angle of morning light worked against me here, so its hard to see the details.   I mainly added burnt look to all the edges so it appears the side of the face actually got exploded, still need to darken some areas with marker.

PICT0495If you remember, i already modded the Exia cloak to be used with my Reika figma ^^ also i was too lazy to look for,cut up, and burn off edges of a real piece of cloth. So i took the easy way of having his arm cut off at the joint, there is still a hole in the middle for the arm nub to attach. I just burnt and darkened the area with marker, really wanted to add some red to make it look like it was still hot and freshly cut off by beam saber but i dont have that color marker on hand ^^;

PICT0504This part looks shitty lol blown off armor protector didnt turn out the way i want. Would have preferred to leave the piece on and cut away/melt a good portion off.

PICT0505The leg; took off most of the armor plating and added damage to the inner frame. Really want to destroy those nubs to attach the knee cover! Not much else to say, took advantage of the removable parts ^^

PICT0511Final AttackRide… E-Exia!


PICT0513Drifting off in space. That concludes my rushed version of Exia repair ^^ still wanted to add more damage and mods, but i think if i keep playing around with him doing this stuff there wont be much left but a tiny charred piece of plastic soon lol


Random stuffs:

-Dollfie clothes arrived! will take pics and do a write up soonish.
-Learning the hard way; how to care for Dollfies, oh the mistakes ive made XD
-Plan to go through with it and attempt to sell some of my PVC’s, just wondering how to execute this.
-MG Strike Freedom Gundam or MG Wing Zero Custom -Endless Waltz Version- as my next kit? or any other suggestion?
-new lame stories/shorts in the works, brain hasnt been producing ideas lately ^^;

Big THANKS to all of you who visit this ronery otaku’s blog and those taking the time to comment too! It really means a lot, and this place would be hella boring without you ^_^ arigato!


~ by rockleelotus on September 2, 2009.

14 Responses to “Exia Repair Mode + Stuffs”

  1. Lookin’ good, as always! You seriously have a knack for this modding stuff! I love his terminator face 😀

    Uh oh, may I ask what mistakes you’ve made with your Dollfie? Anything other than the clothes staining? ^^;

    Strange, just the other day I was helping another one of my friends decide which of those same two kits to get. Ummmm it’s a hard choice. Hmmm… Maybe you should get–noo…hmm..

    And thank *you* for keeping up with all of these posts!

    • at first i didnt like the repair face, but its growing on me ^^

      i will cover the DD issues in more detail with a post, but i damaged the wig a bit as well as one of the piece of clothing. first time dealing with wigs and the item of clothing was really delicate XD

      lol really? which did they end up getting?

  2. Man thats some serious burning going there haha. This weathering is a very nice touch (takes out note book and copy ^^). But your burnt terminator exia face is one of the best ones i have seen out there^^.

    Do the MG wing dude ^^! maybe a repair version haha. I remembered in the anime wing gundam got screwed up pretty bad at the last scene firing multiple shots with his beam cannon.

    And thanks for visiting mine too ^^.

    • i felt i gone a bit overboard with this but at the same time i want to add more lol

      Wing Zero seems to be favored, and i do plan on attempting a few mods as well as doing battle damage leading to the scene you described if i get him ^^

  3. That mod looks great. it is nice to see people actually taking a step further with a model kits.

  4. Jesus christ, that’s some awesome burning you have going on Exia! I love photo’s two and three a lot; your weathering’s amazing too! And I read your reply to one of the comments above and there’s never “too much” or “going overboard” with gunpla! I say that if you wanna keep adding more stuff then keep adding! ^^


    • lol as soon as i pick up more tools with my next Gunpla i be sure to go all out! im using MG kits to experiment with, a costly but so far successful mission.

      i think Wing Zero takes the cake, hes perfect for my style of building ^^ im already planning it out in my head, wonder if the ideas i have will turn out good.

  5. I finally got my WIP of my WZ:C up if you want to check it out!

  6. you make the damage looks so real! love those bullet holes on the shoulder 😀

  7. Awesome, I’d love to enter this…but there doesn’t seem to be a clarification on whether a Tomopop account is required or not.

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