Lunch Break

PICT0566Konata: muuuu another chocolate cornet because i forgot to bring my lunch.


PICT0568Saber Lion: gaoo…



PICT0571Konata: your hungry?

PICT0572Konata: hehe i guess its okay, here.

Saber Lion: *munch munch*

PICT0573Konata: ahhh your so cute! im going to take you home.




(after arriving home)

PICT0577Konata: hmmm… now what is the yummiest way to prepare lion?

PICT0578Saber Lion: Gaoo?!


~ by rockleelotus on September 8, 2009.

8 Responses to “Lunch Break”

  1. Haha, cute! Saber Lion soup for dindins?

  2. Love the change in focus for the last 2 pics ^^. Saber lion is really cute! I am sure she will make a great dinner..erh I mean friend for company ^^.

  3. Aaah! Konata is so cute! I wonder how Saber Lion will taste like. ^^;

  4. EEk! Poor Saber Lion! I think she would be yummy though and taste something like this:

    Mmmmm ^^

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