“All Figma Rider vs. Little Dai Shocker” Preview

The battle of epic proportions has nearly arrived; “All Figma Rider vs. Little Dai Shocker!” is in development and should be release worldwide to a blog near you by the end of this year.

PICT0607Exclusive images ahead!

The evil organization Little Dai Shocker has set out to rule the universe, and the Figma Riders have assembled to stop them! But will their combined efforts be enough to take down the most powerful leaders of Little Dai Shocker?

figma rider closeupConfirmed Figma Riders; Yuki, Saber, Reika, Meiya, and Konata to appear! Speculated as Figma Rider Data, Servant, Gantz, EX, and Otaku!

PICT0604The deadly forces have gathered!

dai shockie closeupConfirmed nemisis: Fangire Queen Yoko, OverLord Saber Lion, Shadow Mini Moon Miku, and Orphnoch Ambassador Nagi!


PICT0601*Rider Kick!*

Judging by the promotional photos this looks to be epic! 😛

EDIT: little animated version, click to view;



~ by rockleelotus on September 11, 2009.

17 Responses to ““All Figma Rider vs. Little Dai Shocker” Preview”

  1. This is awesome stuff! I wanted to do something like this too but I don’t have enough on the opposition, better leave it up to you then! I have a different story in mind. Rider Kick awesomeness!

    • o0o0o i wonder what kind of story you have for your new Kamen Dollfie Riders ^^

      as for me, not being able to watch the new Kamen Rider movie is painful! so i had to come up with my own ways of satisfying my current rider fixation XD

  2. Love the last photo!
    “RIDER KICK!” ^^

  3. any team with Konata in it will obviously be the victor.

  4. This is one helluva an epic fight! Can’t wait to see who wins…but I am kinda rooting for the bad guys this time round they are so cute….lol ^^. (Wait till little yoko uses her big sister’s rifle….)

  5. Nice!! I love the last photo as well! And your Figma and Nendos look great together, the Nendoroids even look like they’re in rainbow(the colors) order–if that makes sense!

    Also, check your email~ ^^

  6. Omg, this looks like it’ll be an exciting epic fight! ^0^
    I am rooting for the little ones! They’re just way too cute!
    I wonder if chibi Yoko will use the huge-ass sniper gun on them?
    Can’t wait to see how the fight unfolds! :DD

    I’ve been trying to think up a story using my Medicom dolls, so we’ll see how it turns out. But it’ll seem kinda weird since Medicom dolls don’t have interchangeable facial expressions; maybe that’s where photoshop comes in! ^^;;;;

    • ohh another one rooting for the cute dark side!

      i would love to see any stories you come up with using your medicom dolls ^^ and when you dont have changeable faces, focus on posture! like in my kamen rider randomness stories where my figures had no facial expressions lol 😛

  7. lets all caramel dansen tgt! ^^;

  8. what are you used for miku light saber

    • its all part of the story ^^ her role is represent “Shadow Moon” villain and that weapon is “Satan Saber” hopefully it will work out and make sense when you see the first part of the story ^^;

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