Figures for Sale + Random Updates

Well, I have two figures im putting up for adoption XD I will prolly use this post to link around since I dont get much traffic here anyways! These figures have been out of box and on display. Prices include shipping within contiguous United States, paypal preferred. Blah blah blah… ^^

First up is “Kotobukiya 1/7 scale Shii Arisugawa PVC figure” Shes in okay condition, her cast off able skirt left some marks and ive had no problems with leaning. Click for pics:

overall shots:

close up:


Next is ” Tsukasa Bullet 02 Excellent Model Core Holstein Hanako PVC figure” Shes in good conditions. Click for pics:

overall shots:


If your interested please leave a comment below or email me at

…Well its worth a try ^^ now on to the updates!

“All Figma Rider vs. Little Dai shocker!” is about 40% completed in “filming” and 80% in “story+script” …that 40% is in post-production where special effects are being tested and might be added ^^ This is by far the biggest figure story project ive tackled! in other words, prolly the biggest disappointment you have yet to lay eyes upon 😛 It might be released in 2-3 parts, but until then I bring you some behind-the-scene photos of the cast!

PICT0665Goofing off on breaks between the shoots.

PICT0664CAMAMEL DANSEN! i think they got the idea from Tsukasa in zh3us’s Wings in the Outdoors blog post ^^;

PICT0668After hard day of filming they gathered to the melodies provided by Yuki.

I also have a new Gunpla coming soon, so hopefully that wont hinder the production schedule(it will) ^^;

PICT0710Updated figure arrangement on my PC!


~ by rockleelotus on September 14, 2009.

9 Responses to “Figures for Sale + Random Updates”

  1. Shii and Hanako are so cute! Too bad I don’t have money for another one =( Cute pics at the end!

  2. heee! thanks for ping back! ^^;!! Wherecha get the guitar for yuki?

  3. I am sure you will deliver on what you set out to do ^^. Thats so cute with the nendos listening to Yuki playing haha. Same question though where u got tat guitar? And thats a sweet arrangement on your PC top…wish I have that space! So afraid that my cousins will do some ‘rearrangement for me’ when I am not around…

    • thanks! im trying out a few new things and its taking a long time! the guitar was a gift from my sis, i forget exactly where she got it from >_<;

      where do you place your gunplas? you have so many! and i know that feeling, scary to have your collection unattended while kids are around lol XD

      • I have a small cabinet where I house em. I only display those that I painted haha ^^. The snap fitted ones are actually kept in their boxes till the day I get them painted or modded. When I shift to my new house next year I’ll get some decent cabinets for my collection!

  4. seems nagi want your pepsi ^^;

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