MG Wing Zero Custom WIP 01

THE HORROR!!!… My MG Wing Zero Custom Gundam arrived a few days ago and so far i spent a couple hours on it the past 2 days. i also got a few more building supplies; markers, scribbers, pla plates, and polishing compound. For some reason i felt like i had no idea what i was doing… because i didnt XD I planned to add lots of panel lines and do pla plate mods with this kit but i have no experience in those fields. Instead of practicing i jumped right in… and the results were disastrous ^^; This kit is now considered my experimentation/test model.

PICT0960This is what i have so far, havent started on the backpack and wings yet. i spent a lot of time on the upper torso + arms, and did a quick build of the legs because i was stressed with the top portion. I have never felt so confused while building gunpla as i did with this guy. When to panel line, sand, scribe, and polish?! Anyways, enough rambling ^^

PICT0950My first attempt at panel lining on the top chest armor, came out okay.  Used gundam markers on the shoulder gattling gun covers, rubbed off the edges to give weird weathered look?(excuse for bad painting), colored the vents grey(wanted white but forgot to buy the marker >_<), added some silver on the blue to try and make it lik like metal but was a fail ^^;

PICT0951Panel lining added on the side, the one on the red was good, but i messed up a lot on the white part.

PICT0959Added red under the eye. Didnt have gundam marker so i used a red ink pen… doesnt work too good on plastic and can rub off ^^; and a touch of grey on the ear fins… all the grey parts i colored should be white XD

PICT0965I sanded away the panel lines on the upper arm because i dont like how they look. Its hard to notice but the forearm was too blocky so i sanded it down to curve into the joint. Like this:
/ \
I  I

PICT0966Tried to make the arm guard a little more round. This guy is way to square lol. Also added panel lines to fist guard, again poorly done ^^;


PICT0969Added panel lines around the skirt armor. Lots of errors -_- totally f’ed up the “vents” on the white part… yuck! i need a cutting guide lol

PICT0970Panel lines added to the feet.

This guy still needs ton of work, sanding and polishing mostly. Still want to add more panel lines and attempt pla plates but i have zero talent in drafting and creating accurate lines and cuts. Overall quite a disaster but nothing a little battle damage wont cover? muwahahaha!!!!!! Lets hope he looks better in the next post =_=

also i poked myself with hobby knife while shaving down a nub OUCH! but its fine now… *cries* lol j/k ^_^


~ by rockleelotus on September 27, 2009.

11 Responses to “MG Wing Zero Custom WIP 01”

  1. Ah I hate it when that happens…twice for me already! Thats what they call blood sweat and tears ^^. Heh anyway for first time panel lining you did pretty good! I remember mine was a disaster. For the back skirt armor once you have his wings on I don’t think it will be that visible :). Like you said there is always battle damage haha, bullet holes will be nice touch for those damaged panel lines!

  2. btw the way, you can check out this link on the panel lines and pla plates ^^.

    His wips are very detailed so hope it can help ya in current works ^^

  3. You got hiiim!

    Gunpla can sometimes give you one helluva hard time, eh? ^^;; I’m pretty sure some good battle damage and bullet holes can fix just about everything, lol. Can’t wait to see him with the wings on!

    I never really liked using Gundam markers since they never really gave the result I wanted so started airbrushing which is much better. However, I haven’t airbrushed a gunpla in ages ^^;;

    • i wanted a little more than an OOB, tried to make him interesting before battle damage and now he is, but not in a good way XD wont start battle damage research till im happy with a base build.

      you airbrushed your Gundams?! showw meee! lol i really dont like the effectiveness of the markers too but all my kits are a poor mans build ^^;

      • I do airbrush them, however, lately I haven’t been airbrushing due to me lacking paint stuffs lol. One day I need to get off my lazy arse, go buy paint, and maybe airbrush those GundamOO gunpla I’ve got lying around orzzz.

        I will dig around through boxes to find them and will take pics of them one of these days! ^^

  4. You poke your finger with a hobby knife? Are you trying to pull off a battle damage on to yourself, haha. I’ve experienced some injuries while building scale model too T.T
    Anyway, a scratch-look damage on the unwanted lines might gives a good cover.

  5. This kit looks great even without the wings. And the detail on the head is great! Once again, you are so talented at giving kits detail!

    Ouch! Poking yourself with a hobby knife sounds a bit painful ^^;

    • oh stop it, your making me blush =P

      at that point he still needed tons of work, and getting poked did give me a quick sharp jolt but the pain subsided and it healed rather quickly ^^;

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