MG Wing Zero Custom WIP 02 -Guhhhh-

More experimentation! Also, wing installation complete.

PICT0983However the buster rifle has yet to be touched.

PICT0987The wings are quite awesome with the added parts the open and close. Had a bit of trouble with loose feathers but nothing too bad. Still need to dirty it up a bit.

Trying something new, an attempt at airbrush shading… without the airbrush!! huhhhh?!  I was sanding away the nubs on the legs i got an idea for an experiment. I sanded most of the areas on the leg, i missed a few spots but should have sanded it completely. I did this so that paint from the gundam markers would stick to the surface so i can do some “shading” ^^;

PICT0984I used the silver gundam marker and dabbed it on the tip of a cotton swab, then proceeded to try and lightly rub it along the areas you would normally spray with an airbrush. Of course control was an issue and it often was blotchy, I used some alcohol to clean it up a bit but that kinda spread it out.  In the end, the surface is a bit rough and it doesnt look airbrushed but does add a weathered look?

PICT0989Maybe with a bit more work it might look decent.

PICT0985I also applied it to the upper body, pretty much all the white parts. Will do something similar on the blue and red bits later.

PICT0986Close up. Whats your take on this? it looks rough and uneven but i kinda like it ^^;

Oh im sure your all looking forward to the battle damage right? Well, i finished the model with battle damage and everything:





PICT0988TA-DA!! all done ^^

Actually i just have him mostly disassembled and just starting at the parts for another experiment *jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~* My attempt at customizing with this kit has provided a reality check of how much an amateur i am at gunpla… orz how humbling ;_;


~ by rockleelotus on September 29, 2009.

16 Responses to “MG Wing Zero Custom WIP 02 -Guhhhh-”

  1. Man thats a unique way of doing ‘air brushing’ ^^. I have a suggestion. For the yellow use something like light brown and for the blue/red use black. I saw someone doing a similar technique to yours, but he did it with color pencils! And it turned out pretty good! Anyway your kit is coming up nicely, can’t wait to see the battle damage ^^

    • thanks for the color tips, i didnt want to only use silver on all parts. using color pencils sounds interesting but does the color stay on? i will be doing my research on battle damage soon!

  2. I agree, a very unique way of going about with the “airbrushing”! If I remember correctly, I tried something similar when I built my first gunpla many moons ago ^^;;. I think I used a black/grayish ink pen and some cotton swabs to rub the ink–can’t remember if that turned out good lol.

    I’d say invest in a airbrush for gunpla painting (since that really does the job) but airbrush guns are quite on the pricey side (@_@;;).

    Anyway, I honestly like how it turned out. Love the roughness look to it! AND WHAT? You”re gonna keep adding to it? Can’t wait how it turns out! ^o^

    It just takes practice and the right tools to get it looking nice. I still think I’m a total amateur when it comes to painting gunpla orzzzz. Reading online tutorials is what really helped too.

    • ummm theres no way im going to invest in airbrush no matter how bad i wants one XD way too costly and i dont mind a little roughness in the looks. you can send me your if your not using it ya know *wink wink* =P

      i do like checking out online tutorials, lots of helpful info out there ^^ usually i tend to find out that i need lots more supplies for the job which is a pain XD

  3. Loves the wing!

  4. The MG Wing Zero is a worth to buy kit. If you’ve bought the PG version, it would take “some” time to do a pose. For mine, I need to sandpaper (yes, sandpaper) the shoulder peg as it’s too big for the socket.

    Anyways, good job on your MG Wing Zero.

    • thx ^^ i had trouble starting off with this kit but things are coming along slowly to my liking, this is a good ol’ kit. thats an interesting bit of info on the PG version, though i will stay away from all PG since they are too costly ^^;;

  5. Nice! It’s been a while since I build a gunpla, just too darn busy with everything else I had going on. Finally can poke my head out since I had just finished the Sasara story part 3.

  6. Looks very cool! You finished the kit really fast ^^ The wings are so awesome~

  7. awesome wing you need make a custom action base for it !!

  8. Speaking of custom action base, check this guy’s awesome base ^^…fully scratch build..with lights!


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