Late Post: September Loots + Updates

Forgot to do a normal loot post for the stuff i acquired last month. But first, lets enjoy a random photo of Yoko with Keroro^^

PICT0948Now on to the goodies!

On impulse i picked up “Dengeki G’s Festival Comic vol. 7” that comes with the Tamaki Dakimakura!

PICT0715I have still yet to open this ^^; also this is my first Dakimakura! although i wont be able to use it, no pillow and mainly because i share my room XD ill prolly keep it safe or decide to hang it up later.

PICT0823also received figma Drossel who made her debut in “All Figma Rider vs. Little Dai Shocker!” part 2.

PICT0836PICT0866Like most others she arrived with stuck shoulder joints, i used warm water to loosen them.

PICT0843Thats right! Handstand!

PICT0983Then theres my MG Wing Zero Custom thats currently a work in progress. Need to do build the rifle, do more sanding and coloring then attempt battle damage ^^

The past few days ive been pretty busy and stressed with some issues that came up. I managed to put some time in to start filming the finale of  “All Figma Rider vs. Little Dai Shocker!” and not 5 mins in, this happened:

broken pegI needed to use the stand for Drossel and those who own figmas should know that sometimes when you try to put in the stand, the joint with the peg moves. Well, that happened and the peg broke in half at an angle part way in. Fortunately that angle allowed me to pluck out the piece stuck in Drossels back a bit easier, this was a bit of a deterrent and the project still sits at around 10% complete XD

To end things on a happy note:

cPICT1014Lovely Yoko again ❤


~ by rockleelotus on October 2, 2009.

28 Responses to “Late Post: September Loots + Updates”

  1. Yoko looks so great in the first picture, I’m glad to see that she’s still gorgeous as ever! Oooo a Tama-nee dakimakura! Very lovely ^^ Drossel is cool as well 😀

    • i really need to take more pics of Yoko, havent had time to setup a photo area just yet. i actually got the magazine just for the Tama-nee dakimakura ^_^

  2. Your Yoko is as gorgeous as ever! Always love looking at pictures of her. ^^

    And congrats on your first dakimakura! I’ve always wanted one of those but they are just way too expensive! Tho, if I ever do get my hands on one later on it will be the Yoko dakimakura! ^^;;

    Funny thing is, when Drossel was first announced I did not like her character look at all, but then I just started seeing her everywhere and she finally grew on me, lol. And no way, the peg broke? (TToTT) I think that’s one reason why I try to restrain myself from playing with my Medicom’s a lot; Medicom’s are fragile. I’ve read (and seen) horror stories about broken Medicom dolls LOL and I just wouldn’t like that to happen to me, haha. Plus, I rhink it’d be a bitch to replace a Medicom body, ORZ.

    • i love looking at her too! =3 i also want Yoko dakimakura but the double sided ones are so expensive.

      you fell victim to marketing and subliminal messaging! i didnt know Medicom dolls were that fragile o.O that takes some of the fun outta it, and it does look problematic to replace them.

      • Yeah, it does take the fun out of them. Then again, I think all articulated figures are a bit fragile if you play with them too much; their limbs start breaking.

  3. sure figmas are creepy very easy to be broken !!
    can wait for my drossel came ^^;

    • ya they can be really fragile, especially if you play with them a lot like me lol

      nice your getting a Drossel too? do be careful of stuck shoulder joints when she arrives!

  4. Kero’s looks so cute with Yoko chan hugging him ^^. Can never get enough of her! Luckily you managed to get that small piece out of drossel. That peg must have taken quite a fair bit of stress from all that posing you did for your movie! Can’t wait for part 3 to come up. Like you work and family related issues crept up on me last week as well, but luckily there is nothing like a good evening session of gunpla and blogging to ease those worries away!

    • Kero has the easy life ^^

      a few more issues are still lingering around here but i agree, good way of relieving stress is spending time doing something you enjoy and love!

  5. Nice loot, congrats on the first Daki! Nice Yoko pictures, reminds me to work on some Dollfie Dream Theather now.

  6. Planning on make the MG Wing 0 Custom look really good?
    Grats on 1st Dakimakura!! If i ever had one, i’d need to hide it =/

    • if you think battle damage is good looking, then yep! imma make him really really good looking ^^

      i kinda have to keep mine hidden too, hanging it up is gunna be a bold move lol

  7. Nice Drossel get! I am so, so jealous… I really want Drossel! But getting her for christmas mwahaha xD

  8. urgh damages!
    My Konata broke her leg todat >_<

  9. Drossel is just so funny. I made a review of him, and it’s really great ^^ My first figma ^^ (and maybe the only)

  10. Rockleelotus.. u also had a drossel?? huhuhu seem to be a must have figma ^^ yoko look lovely ^^

  11. Are most Figmas easily broken? I’m ordering Drossel (which is gonna be my first Figma) and I’m a bit scared…because this is not the first time I see a damaged Drossel..

    • congrats on ordering your first figma! Drossel is designed to be pretty durable but it all really comes down to care. i play with my figmas a lot and only had a broken hand on Saber(my fault, i had her close to heat source and the peg got dry and cracked) and the Drossel stand cracking, freak accident! be aware of the joint limits and dropping them ^^

      oh and Drossel usually comes with stuck shoulder joints, so use a blow dryer or run her under warm water to loosen them slowly ^^

  12. Gorgeous Yoko! Drossel is fun, but Tamaki dakimakura is more fun =P

  13. Ah, broken Figma. My Tsukdasa Figma was screwy right out of the box. Her right shoulder joint was poorly done so it was always loose, causing her right arm to fall off all the time. When I tried to push it back in one time the joint completely snapped.

    I ended up having to superglue Tsukasa’s arm on her. It sucks that she has one arm that can’t move now, but she’s still fun to play with.

    As for Dollfies, I finally got my Nia Dollfie. Got some shots on my blog if you want to see her.

    • i think thats the first time ive heard of a defective shoulder joint with Tsukasa. if you ever encounter any more defective problems with Good Smile figures you can contact their support for replacements ^^

      congrats on getting Nia! ^^

  14. […] rocklee I thought It’s silly bought this magz but you did the same with your tamaki dakimakura right […]

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