MG Wing Zero Custom WIP 03 -The Battle is Damaged-

Nearing completion, the groundwork of battle damage has been set!

PICT1076*It Hurts!*

I tested out the stickers that came with the kit but they look nasty when applied because they stand out as a square sticker. I did however purchase the Wing Zero Ver. Ka decal sheet in my order. This was my first time applying wet decals and boy is it time consuming. The problem i had was i added them too early? while i was adding the battle damage almost half of the decals came off O_O what a waste #$%@! ive only dealt with dry decals prior and they stick well… ahhh lesson learned the hard way >_<;;  -carrying on:

PICT1079Scratched him up good. This time around i only used a metal file to add damage, then a black felt tip gundam marker to ink in the details and cotton swab for clean ups. Ignore pla plates added to right arm… i umm sniffed to much cement glue fumes and lost track of what i initially planned ^^;

PICT1078Tried my best to give the dented corners look. Also added more grime/shading. With the sanded surface it was hard to control the paint and it ended up smearing frequently, needs clean up work which is a pain.

PICT1083Dirty wings, left 2 of the stickers on here for now, other 3 near the feathers are the wet decals.

PICT1084Decals and little dirties.

Now some detail shots:

PICT1080I think its his shoulder.

PICT1086Arm? Not done yet.

PICT1081Crotch bump and skirt armor! Ugly vents =_=

PICT1082Showing some leg =3

PICT1085Bonus: Surprised Nagi is surprised in the background of the missing decals that came off, not cool!

As of posting this, Battle damaged wings are complete and buster rifle has been assembled and tossed in a garbage disposal unit… i mean given the battle damaged treatment, but will save for another post ^^

Also thanks to Chubbybots for sharing his Gunpla knowledge and recommending the coloring of black on blue/red and brown to yellow, i did that and the results were awesome ^^ i would have gone with just using silver/grey markers otherwise and that would have been messy.


~ by rockleelotus on October 6, 2009.

16 Responses to “MG Wing Zero Custom WIP 03 -The Battle is Damaged-”

  1. Ooh I really like how this turned out! Awesome battle damage is awesome! ^o^ Love all the scrapes and dents you put into it.

    I never really liked using the stickers that came with the gunpla; they looks horrible when applied orz. And I agree, the decals can be a pain in the ass to add on sometimes; very time consuming. (@_@)

    • thanks! i wasnt liking him much starting off but at this point i think hes looking good, but he is still my experimental kit for trying some new techniques ^^ i think my fav of decals are the dry ones right now.

  2. Nicely done mate! Love all the little damage details you did 😀 And thanks for the mentioned haha. I love the subtle and evened out battle damage. Its a great improvement from your MG Exia i must say! Lol at Nagi being surprised. I also experience the same thing with wet decals when I first used them. they always keep falling off! Ever since after that I always spray a coat of gloss/flat to seal em. Should help to reduce the chances of it dropping ;D So will you be adding bullet holes ? 😀

    • thanks and np ^^ the color really helped set the tone for battle damage. yeah, i have been comparing Wing and Exia side to side, i thought i did a lot with Exia but compared to Wing he looks clean lol.

      now i really wanna get a can of flat spray but it seems sold out everywhere. btw if sprayed on a rough sanded surface(still visible sanding lines) will it turn out really bad?

      • The flat spray will help to give your kit an even more weathered look ^^. Don’t worry about the sanded surface. But you’ll need to take out the orb in the middle or mask it before you do that spraying 😀

        • cool thats good to know ^^ i need to find some fast or i might just wait because the weather is getting cold ^^; just hope i dont ruin the kit once i get it lol

  3. The scratches are quite good.. Looks pretty real to me 😀

  4. wow awesome did you planning make like endless waltz(last scene)ver.

    • hmmm im considering it but it will most likely be my own style, since i dont know how to make custom joints in place of the missing armor piece. also wanna attempt a custom base as you suggested ^^

  5. I even try made custom base using figma stand for gundam ^^;

  6. This looks pretty good, have you done any work with battle damage prior to this? Regardless, well done!

    • in August i customized my MG Exia, prior to that i didnt build Gunpla for 8-10 years ^^; back then my last kit was 1/144 WZC that i tested battle damage on.

  7. Awesome!! Looks great battle-damaged, of couse~

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