MG Wing Zero Custom WIP 04 -Feathered Frenzy-

Update on the buster rifle and wings.

PICT1103i sniff this durning my Gunpla sessions for *inspiration* …j/k ^_^

Buster Rifle first!

PICT1100Finally got around to put this sucker together.

PICT1089PICT1090PICT1092Damaged with metal file, inked with black marker the proceeded with my *imitation dry brush technique* XD This time around instead of using the cotton swab i just shook the silver marker, pushed down on the tip and scraped the side of the marker against the edges of the gun. Pretty good results but for areas that made more contact with the marker i had to clean it up. I wanted to have Wing Zero hold the double buster rifle in one hand and beam saber in the other but his grip is weak ;_;

You ready for the wings?!?!?!

PICT1087PICT1088As with the anime, i went for the scratched look. I couldnt really make out how the scrapes looked until i added the ink, should have taken my time and planned them to be “artsy-fartsy” instead of “scribbly-wibbly” o.O but i still liked how it turned out, especially on the main wings:

PICT1093Featherss!! ^^

PICT1094Still wanna push the wings a bit more with my original idea. When i first planned on getting Wing Zero i thought of the feathers as hard plastic and i would cut and shape them to be more feather like… umm like this with the gaps. These rubber ones were a surprise but work well the current etchings. Wonder how they will look and hold up if i start cutting them.

PICT1095Inside needs a bit more coloing/shading. Also plan to do a Booster mod, but need to get more comfortable with pla plates first.

PICT1096How he looks before doing battle with the burning incense… remember him now for he will never be the same after the next step ^^ Lots of bits here and there are still incomplete as im jumping all over, month long amature Gunpla project? probably! since this kit is always screaming, “MOAR!” =P

PICT1110Right now i have him displayed like this on my PC. May take a break customizing and try to get back in filming mode to finish my movie, but my desk is a mess with tools and supplies everywhere so i dont feel that motivated ^^;;

PICT1099*Sex me*


~ by rockleelotus on October 8, 2009.

17 Responses to “MG Wing Zero Custom WIP 04 -Feathered Frenzy-”

  1. Woah nice! Love the feathers 😀 Kinda gives the Wing gundam that angel look ^^ Try not to get too high on the plastic cement though lol! I am taking a sort of a break from my gundams currently..need to rest after all those mods ^^

    • lol ive only done small work at mods compared to you and i get exhausted with the details, a break is good ^^ forgot to answer your question before but i think i have to give him some bullet holes considering the series had so much guns XD

  2. Oh by the way, if I had known you were going for that feathered look I could have shown you this earlier ^^. He achieved that feathered look with very soft plastic or rubber!

    Cheers ^^

    • thanks for sharing another great site! those feather look cool but a little too wavy for me, he even has the same color scheme i had in mind! i wanted to add jet boosters to the wings and a layer of feathers inside, this will help with that idea ^^

  3. now I think why all my wing zero got problem in the beam riffle they can’t attach properly !

  4. Holy moley!! Nice details on the gun! In the pics, it almost looks like a real battle-worn gun ^0^ The wings look amazing too! And LOL at the end xD

    • thanks ^^ i might go back and attempt to remove the seam lines on the rifle(will be first time trying) to make it look even better, but that will mean undoing and redoing half of the battle damage lol

  5. wwoooww those feathers are amazing, and I’m not even into Gundam that much! ^^

  6. the scratches on the wings are very good details! It’s placed nicely and blends well with the overall battle damage theme!

    • thanks! im trying to experiment with a different style than my Exia ^^ there are some trouble areas but its coming along. still learning how to get a better look with my limited tool set XD

  7. I loooove how the wings turned out! I really like the feathery lings you did on the wings; very nice desu! And oh jeebus, the rifle!

    Lol @ the last pic. Oh Wing Zero, I’d definitely sex you up if I weren’t miles away, ORZ.

    /sorry very late reply ToT

    • I meant to type “LINES” there instead of lings. Oh typoes. I wish this thing had an edit button lol

    • all the scratch lines on the wings and feathers were done blindly lol i was just cutting randomly so im glad the feathers turned out good because there was no going back ^^ the right one actually needs more work.

      Zero told me he will fly over to you for some sweet lovin’ lol XD and dont worry about late comments… but dont let it happen again *shakes fist* =P

  8. nice…how much ws it,and where did you get it??

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