MG Wing Zero Custom WIP 05 -Main Body = Moar Damage-

Update on the main body, didnt turn out as expected! I did some research and found that Wing Zero and Exia have similar damages, like both missing right knee armor plate and both missing left arm, coincidence?! I didnt want them both to have damage in the same area so in the end i just went at it without much of a plan and here are the results:

PICT1192 I spent quite a while on this because i had to decide where to add the extra and more severe damage. As before, i used a stick of  incense to melt the plastic, then marker to accentuate detail and finish with a little cleaning. Its unfinished and still needs more work ^^; mod for right arm has been at a standstill… creating designs and cutting small pieces of pla plate is difficult XD

*Forgot to mention, more decals came off… LOL XD*

i also tried to put together some progression pics.

0 overall progressOverall

0 upper progressUpper body

0 pelvis progressLower body

0 leg progressRight leg

busterrifle01Buster rifle main

busterrifle02Buster rifle barrel

Heres some detail shots!

PICT1208I started with the idea of a lazer shooting through the shoulder armor; so i poked a hole in front and back… then i wanted a beam slash; so i connected the dots… in the end, a major weird damage resulted ^^;;;

PICT1209Woahhh, dont shoot so close to the damn cockpit!!

PICT1205Some bullet holes on arm and shoulder. Burnt piece of shoulder armor from atmospheric reentry, remember that scene? in my version it didnt break off ^^ also i just noticed that forgot to work to the back armor skirt.

PICT1196Bullet holes… always aiming for the groin XD and beam gash on arm, was planning something different for the arm but this will do for now.

PICT1220Right leg; this is the latest last minute change, some of the pics above came before this. I swapped the knee armor and added more damage to this one.

PICT1222Left leg; outter damage and some bullet holes on the side. better view from old shot here:


A really really messy build XD not sure if im happy with the results, too soon to judge? but still preferred over an OOB.

I havent added anything to the head yet and most of the arm surface was unchanged, still pondering the possibilities ^^; I will work on the wings next, not sure how that will turn out o.O … after that ill finish up the main body when time and motivation strikes!


~ by rockleelotus on October 14, 2009.

16 Responses to “MG Wing Zero Custom WIP 05 -Main Body = Moar Damage-”

  1. Nice work mate! The progression pictures are a aplendid idea ^^. It is a good reference for all those damage you done haha 😀 I love the damage to the shoulder and the blackened knee armors. I think the shoulder damage looks like a blow from epyon / tallgeese 3 whip. This must have been one scary fight for heero, so close to the cockpit! Take your time with the mods, good stuffs are worth waiting for 🙂

    • thanks ^^ progression pics are cool, i wanted to make some after i saw so many clean built Exia kits and i thought to myself, “my Exia used to be this clean?!” lol

      i forgot about whip damage!! one of the reason i wanted Strike Freedom was to do some Zaku whip damage XD now i can put a logical reason behind that damage shoulder. thanks again ^^

  2. Oh one more thing I just realized we are both at W.I.P 5 for our kits ^^; haha.

  3. Poor wing chan is beaten all over the places!

  4. that is a lot of damages O_O

  5. how did you make that you burn the parts ?

    • i used a stick of incense to melt the plastic. sometimes it will leave the burnt look for me, but for the parts that are still clean i use gundam markers to touch them up ^^

  6. The progression photos are very interesting to look at; nice idea! ^^ The shoulder damage looks pretty awesome. However, I think the battle damage on the legs looks epic! I love the blackened knees and ankles (nice idea using incense sticks). Overall I think this is turning out very, very nice! ^o^ And gonna add more to the wings? I can’t wait to see!

    And I am a fan of your bullet holes, lol.

    • thanks! i spent 60% of the time working on the legs before realizing i should move on ^^; yep, ill be adding some damage to the wings but they look so nice its hard to layout damage to get things started lol

  7. This looks way better than Exia, the damages doesn’t seem forced and is really blended well.

    • thanks for the feedback ^^ i did a little more research with Zero and in experimenting with new things the results turned out better… Exia should be getting a touch up in the future.

  8. Wing looks even cooler with all of these damages! Once again, the bullet holes and everything look awesome ^o^ About how many hours does it take you to fully complete the damages and decals and such?

    • hmm havent really kept track of the time i spent but since im still learning and testing its quite a while. with Exia i think it took 2-3 hours for decals and damage, Wing Zero is almost double that and im not even done yet ^^;

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