Keroro Adventures! -Episode 01-

PICT1224Welcome to Keroro Adventures! Episode 01  -de arimasu!

PICT1227Kero: Eh! Zero-dono, why are you crying?

PICT1228Zero: Gunso-san, i went out to buy some sweets and..

PICT1229Zero: Some pekopon noticed me… i was taken away! *CAPTURED!* O_O

PICT1233Zero: I managed to escape but look at me! *EXPERIMENTED ON!* @_@

Kero: Unforgivable! … its time we acted on our plan!

PICT1235Kero: Those pekopon wont see this coming.


Kero: kerokerokerokerokerokero…

Zero: zerozerozerozerozerozero…

-to be continued!


Spending some of my free time catching up and watching Keroro Gunso! Im wayyy behind, still in season 1 ^^;; but loving every episode, and their resonance is hilarious! Ive been pretty stressed out the past few weeks and watching something funny helps ^^  also you get a peak here at the crappy little paint update on Zero lol



PICT1240Exia: Your not alone Zeroro… *cries*


~ by rockleelotus on October 16, 2009.

20 Responses to “Keroro Adventures! -Episode 01-”

  1. Did they get experimented by giant drill mon? ^^;

  2. “zerozerozerozerozerozero…”


  3. keroro gunsou is awesome. Tama is made of pure win. For something even funnier, try Gintama :3

  4. when you will post the last part of All Figma Rider vs. Little Dai Shocker!” ???

  5. Lol, resonance “zerozerozero” didn’t see that coming! Love keroro and his silly adventures 😀 If you see his movie version 1, will knock your socks off! Watching funny stuff is a good way to de stress ^^.

  6. those pokepon must be awfully strong so that they could to pull an experiment on zero 😀

  7. Kero: kerokerokerokerokerokero…

    Zero: zerozerozerozerozerozero…

    Had a good giggle fit there, lol. And TO BE CONTINUED? I want more pronto! Haven’t seen Keroro Gunso, but I’ve heard good things about it.

    And watching funny stuff is a good sourse for stress relief! ^^

    • haha yea im thinking of making this a regular series if i get more ideas =P do check out at least a few episodes of Keroro Gunso. Kero loves gunpla! funny stuff ^^

  8. Lol, love the zerozero bit XD

    Not familiar with pekopon, but they must be some badass to experiment on zerochan.

  9. WTF?! Exia AND Zero cries and sobbing? Truly… Insidious. (then again, we wouldn’t see those two be doing that).

  10. Also LOL at the zerozerozero part xDDDD Your mini-comic-like-things seem to be really popular! These are so awesome! And Keroro is cute ^o^

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