MG Wing Zero Custom WIP 06 -Damaged Wings + Test Shoot-

Did some extra battle damage to the wings, and also a test photoshoot this weekend ^^

PICT1276After looking at the results in the photos, i see a lot of areas that need some touch ups and im sure i will go back to add more damage on the wings. Woke up pretty late in the afternoon today so there wasnt as much daylight as i wanted for the test shoot. Next time ill add a desk lamp and that should help greatly.

PICT1289Forgot to take detailed shots of all the wings themselves ^^;; the only close up.

PICT1280Beam saber is cool.

PICT1282Awesome guns. Want to do a mod with the wing joints for better movement ^^;

PICT1285Hikikomori mode.

PICT1286PICT1288Is he… excited?

Updated detail shots:

PICT1291Touched up the bullet holes and gashes with some silver to make it look like metal, then proceeded to add some brown for a rust effect. This procedure was also done on the wings ^^

PICT1293PICT1297Also i should note 80% for wet decals came off TT_TT any chance there are dry decal sets out there?


custom battle damage applied to most areas(will add more XD)

tons of touch up and clean up work to do

mods in progress/development

redo decals……… maybe after i get a can of clear flat spray XD

possible custom base in consideration… doubt my abilities here ^^;;

Am i missing anything? Whats your take on the sloppy build?


~ by rockleelotus on October 18, 2009.

27 Responses to “MG Wing Zero Custom WIP 06 -Damaged Wings + Test Shoot-”

  1. The wings turns out to be soooo cooooll!!!!
    do you apply a flat clear coat over your gunadam?

    • thanks! ^__^ they gave me a bit of trouble lol
      i havent applied a flat coat yet, actually ive never worked with any sprays/coats ^^; but looking to try it soon!

  2. @ h4mster Don’t think he has applied the flat coat yet ^^ But already looks good 😀

    This isn’t a sloppy build, its an awesome build! All those damages really coming nicely. Just love that big gash at the shoulder armor and those little bullet holes that ya added to the wings. Thumbs up ^^

    • haha thanks! i always look at him and think hes very messy, always room for improvement! ^^
      big change from the WIP 01 stage where i was so frustrated ^^;; i think im finally happy with this build prior to mods.

  3. Wow, VERY VERY NICE! I love the touches of silver and brown you gave to the bullet holes and whatnot; it makes it look more realistic and just plain awesome. That gash in the right shoulder looks amazing! I really love how this is turning out. And I don’t think this is a sloppy build, not at all!

    • reeeeaallyy? =P i was trying to get the overall realistic look and its so very difficult to achieve! i think after looking through so much forums/sites with pro detail builders that i see mines as sloppy lol ^^;

  4. CooL !! Fallen angel is coming !

  5. nice Bet huh ! actually someone in bakuc sites made custom wing zero with the same title (i think it was 2 years ago)

  6. every time i see those “bullet” shots, i feel bad!! ;_; i mean these gunpla costs alot!!

    Its Really good though! if you’d as me! ^^;

  7. Decals coming off is a pain. Maybe you shouldn’t put them in the first place because you’re doing a more realistic look? ^^;

    • was my first time using wet decals, also my 2nd kit in 3months after a 8-10yr hiatus from making Gunpla ^^; have a lot to learn/re-learn. i used the same process with Exia but his were dry decals so doing damage over them actually can make it look more realistic. didnt expect wet decals to be so different, live n’ learn ^_^

  8. I have actually never done any battle damage to any of my gunpla, then again, I have build a gunpla in months. Though I do need to gear up for some gunplaing soonish for the Dai MS army.

    • looks like most stay away from battle damage ^^; how many kits are you going to build? that will take a lot of time + $$$ but building an army always does XD considering the magnitude of Dai MS you got a ton of work ahead of ya, good luck!

  9. Impressive. Most impressive.

    But still, I’d be hard-pressed in “damaging” any of my Gunplas as it cost an arm and a leg here…

    • thanks ^^ its about preference too, these kits are pricey and its a risk with each customization. after i tried it i found that i really enjoy doing this stuff XD

  10. WHOOOOOA the photos are SO AMAZING!~~~~~~~

    The first and fourth pictures look so cool! More damaged gunpla kits! ^0^

    • ahhh im glad you like em! ^_^ ive been working on trying to do a proper shoot but having tons of difficulty with lighting ^^; i want to get better pics up soon!

  11. WOAH.. so damn awesome!! pardon my expression. the first reaction i gave when i saw your blog banner was.. a silent ‘woah’ haha.. very very cool man.. trust me, it looks very realistic.. like those scenes you see after a huge battle, or some gundam’s ending theme songs. realli liked wad you did with the wings.. very real with all the small scratches etc.. way to go man.

    btw.. did you paint this kit? cos i couldn’t realli tell.. i noe you painted the damages and stuff. but the whole kit?

    i cant wait to see your next post on this awesome kit.. i still cant bring myself to spoil my kits YET. haha.. but i think if there’s more kits like Ignition mode Exia, it would prompt me to do something addition to my kits.. all the best dude!


    • thx for the encouraging words! im glad you like how hes turning out ^^ funny that you mention it, the ending of Gundam OO S2 gave me lots of inspiration!

      i havent done any painting with my Gundam kits, i only used gundam markers for touch ups. im also working on trying to take better pics, so some of the details so better.

      doing battle damage is a big step! i actually prefer them this way, although airbrushed kits look awesome too ^^ Exia is a great kit! that kit actually got me back into gunpla after many years. thx again and ive also been enjoying the work on your blog ^^

  12. losing an arm or leg would be nice. LOL Nice effort.

    • haha thanks! im kinda against missing limbs until i can create a good looking damaged joint to put in its place lol having just a peg there is not too pretty or real ^^;

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