Random Updates

Updates, that are random:


PICT1347*exhausted, frustrated, and delusional*

“All Figma Rider vs. Little Dai Shocker!” finale is at about 75%ish? and heres some interesting info:

part 1 – consisted of about 90 images, with run time of 3:32

part 2 – consisted of  about 130 images, with run time of 2:20

part 3 – at 75%ish consist of about 120 images, with current run time of 1:54

Can someone say more animation? and sorry for the delay but ive had growing projects along with annoying real life issues to deal with ^^;;



PICT1349*Please… just a little more, do it a little more down there… kyaa!*

-WAHHHH i havent worked on any drawing/3D projects! ;_; i deserve a spanking!(by ladies onry pwease) XD

Must be more disciplined! hobbies should come second to this… *plays with figures*

Gotta put time into developing a new demo reel.



PICT1353*We bad? …we bad!*

-Ive rediscover my interest for Gunpla since i havent seen a lot of must GET figures lately(or i just got more picky/selective) XD

Exia and Wing Zero are “finished” so to speak.

Will mod and touch up Zero and also redo battle damage to Exia in the future.

Im considering getting another kit, but not sure which one. Looking into  HoiHoi San or some UC kits.

Question: What would you recommend? or whats your fav kit?



FLCL-Canti*You can watch TV on my face!*

Anyone know if theres a poseable Canti figure and where i can get me hands on one?


-Blast from the past…

PICT1361PICT1360PICT1359PICT1357These are from 8+ years ago!!! i loved the box art so i cut them out to save, and i found these while doing some cleaning/organizing. Sadly im more positive now that all my old gunpla have been tossed the last time i moved ;_; couldnt find the my Epyon, Mk-II, Shen Long or X Gundam ones… lol

This commences the random update post… good day ^_^


~ by rockleelotus on October 19, 2009.

29 Responses to “Random Updates”

  1. Oh, interesting to see how many images exactly you used for the vids. ^^

    This is the first, I think, that’s I’ve seen any of your artwork? ^^ You should draw more! /spankpsank lolol

    I know for sure there are several nice articulated Canti figures out there, but where exactly? I’d have to look around. I’ll prolly get back to you later (I’m about to drop dead from sleep lol)–unless of course someone else points you to the right direction. ^^;

    And oh the memories! I think I will have my GWing gunpla boxes too. XD;;

    • this is my first time posting traditional pencil+paper art i think. i have 2 other art posts but all digital work(check the categories). i just recently had the desire to buy a Canti figure ^^ maybe those figma scooter made me think of FLCL too much!

      those GWing boxes have great artwork, plus i think i used it for reference when i did my first battle damage with 1/144 WZC lol

  2. Ah those classic Gundam Wing kits ^^. Also nice work with the blogroll! You updated everyone with pictures! How did you do that by the way? Will want to do that for mine too! Looks so much better than just text.

    I get that feeling every time I want to get some work done, the unfixed gunplas on my table are itching for me to assemble 😀

    Heres my recommendation for UC kits ^^. (I realized you need some bad guys on your table :D)
    1) HGUC Sazabi
    2) HGUC Kampfer (my favourite mono eye haha!)
    3) HGUC GPO2
    4) HGUC Palace Athene (another favourite ^^)


    • i resized all the pre-made banners to 180×40, if there wasnt one available i did a “print screen” copt of their web page and pasted it in photoshop for resizing, using their headers as banners(minor adjustments for text on some) ^^

      thx for the recommendations and opening my eyes to new kits! i havent seen 2 of those before ^^; and i have been thinking i need a bad guy too lol

  3. MG unicorn that’s nice to be mod next time since everyone mod their sinanju !
    do you draw fuka ayase there ?

    • i like Unicorns head but his body is a bit blocky for my taste, maybe watching the new anime thats coming out might change my mind lol and ya ive seen a lot of Sinanju kits being done lately ^^;

      yep thats Fuka Ayase! im madly in love with her :3

  4. I love this diorama make me want HGUC khsatriya

  5. For the blast from the past, I have ALL seven HG 1/144 kits. I’d say the Nataku, Heavyarms and Serpent are good for posing and movements. Deathscythe was a big let down, the torso too small and the cape, well… no hinges.

    @Chubbybots: Agree with the HGUC Sazabi, a worth to buy kit, better than the MG version and cheaper, too.

    • i wanted to buy the whole set back then also. agree with you on Deathscythe, wings with no hinges were annoying lol ahhh i really wanna get all these kits nao, but so expensive!! XD

  6. I didn’t know you can draw!

    • @kluxorius rockleelotus have a magic hand for figures,gundam,and even drawing

    • i used to draw a lot in high school and college but not so much lately, my skills have greatly deteriorated ^^;; i saw your role playing character drawing and your skills are quite good!

  7. do you have fuka figures ?

  8. I think only this fuka ayase figures exist

  9. Nice drawing. ^ ^
    She looks a lot like Fuka from Yotsuba.

  10. I love yotsuba& I have the manga vol 4-7

  11. Whoa, that’s a ton of images for the videos! Looks like each part is getting more and more images, that’s a good thing I think!(not that I know much about animation ^^; )

    I also like your drawing! Right when I saw her I knew it was Fuka! Fuka is a great character ^o^

    Nice old kits! You had so many! It’s too bad they have probably been tossed by now ^^;

    • yep its quite a few, can you imagine doing full stop motion O_O …more frames usually means more/smoother animation ^^ haha i need to draw more! im very rusty, i can only copy images… trying to do original turn out to be a disaster XD how are your projects going?

  12. Ooo you’re a very good artist! From the tiny pic that I can see, that is. The animation must be so tedious, I know even thinking about trying it gets me exhausted XD

    • hehe thx ^^ i still need tons of practice! so far ive tried 2D, 3D, and stop-motion animation, all very tiring work but feels great to see the results lol also i saw some of your art, your very good too! ^_^

  13. […] October 24, 2009 by chubbybots I always have this fetish for tinkering with my blog and thanks to rockleelotus’ tip on the banners! I managed to get all the banners done for my blogroll! It took me the whole morning but really […]

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