…And That’s a Wrap! ^_^

PICT1458Good news! I just thought i should let you all know that filming for “All Figma Rider vs. Little Dai Shocker!” finale has just wrapped up today! Now its all about editing, and most of that has been done over these past weeks(i compose after every shoot ^^)!  Like a real movie, i chose certain scenes to shoot depending on the amount of time i would have available. It took quite a while to stitch together all the images from the scenes that were shot out of order and on random days XD there are about 20 different tracks/layers(messy job) each with a certain scene, audio, or sound effect!

Composition is at 85%, need to tweak the frames/animation and edit the timing of the music/sound effects. After that it will be sent to the Effects Department for the royal top notch special effects treatment ^_^ the developed details;

consist of about 210 images, with a possible run time of over 3min~!


~ by rockleelotus on October 21, 2009.

22 Responses to “…And That’s a Wrap! ^_^”

  1. can you give the link now ?

  2. Can’t wait for the grand finale ^^ Keep it up!

  3. I check your youtube profile everyday >_<

    • haha i appreciate the dedication, and dont worry about the youtube profile, just stick to the blog ^^
      the finale has been about 5x more work/effort than the 1st and 2nd combined, that alone should be reasoning enough for the delay XD

  4. Woooooooooot!!! Anticipating!!

  5. looking forward to it~

  6. hehe this makes my heart goes doki-doki XD

  7. Been waiting for it! What will happen to the figma riders?!

  8. This should be worth the wait. 😀

  9. EXCITING EXCITING! Can’t wait to watch the ending! ^^

  10. Can’t wait!!!!

  11. Wow, it’ll be awesome! I still haven’t watched but I will ASAP when I have time TT______TT sorry for getting so behind on commenting!!

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