“All Figma Rider vs. Little Dai Shocker!” -Part 3- THE FINALE!

*EDIT: Fixed the mistake, sorry i wasnt aware of the video setting m(_ _)m*

Its been over a month since the world premiere of  “All Figma Rider vs. Little Dai Shocker!”, today the adventure comes to an end! *GASP!*

PICT1127This was my first figure animatic/stop-motion~ish short? ^^; …what the heck do i call this?! Anyways, it was inspired by and based on the Kamen Rider Decade Movie. A movie in which i have not seen, but read about on wiki XD and too kill the time till its release here, i came up with my own version using my figures ^^

Big thanks to those who have been following me through this project, and for your comments which helped to keep me motivated! If you need to catch up, you can watch the first 2 parts here:

part 1:

part 2:

So please watch this again and again, and again and again, or however many times it takes for you to get sick of it =P also illegally distribute this like wildfire!  ..Now i present to you part 3, The Finale!! Hope you enjoy ^_^

part 3:






~ by rockleelotus on October 24, 2009.

32 Responses to ““All Figma Rider vs. Little Dai Shocker!” -Part 3- THE FINALE!”

  1. finalyl you done it for sure !! amazing looks much better than the previous one thought ^_^

  2. why you make it private video ??? >_<

  3. Cannot see >.> just created a youtube account, it’s call Wolfheinrichsworld

  4. A big lol. Looks like someone have a baaaaad pain in the family jewels for a long time.

    p.s. She does have a “nice” view. :nose bleeds:

  5. Ah hahahaha, that was good. Final form rider D-D-Dollfie is good! Love it! Good to see Decade belt got some use! Pervy Exia got his ass kicked!

    • Final FormRide scene wouldnt have been possible without your research of the henshin belts! the scale of both kinda naturally made Exia a pervert with his eye level XD

  6. now the way they move looks real ^_^ I love it
    maybe next time you can add 1000 more picture so they can really move ^^;

  7. anyway I thought you will make wing zero appear here helping figma riders ^_^ hard to think they join into dollfie !

  8. OMG that was freaking awesome! I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m so gonna steal this and distribute it illegally XD

  9. Amazing movie!! This is the fight worth waiting for 😀 (Now burning all 3 into a full length movie hehe…) Exia’s got quite an eyeful! Didn’t expect the final form ride to be your DD yoko! You are getting really close to stop animation. I love the part where they combine into the final form!

    I have this idea, maybe you can do a feature ‘the making of all figma vs dai shocker’, I think a lot of ppl would wanna learn how to do stuff like these! ^^

    • the details to Final Form Yoko were kept top secret to avoid any leaks 😛 and as you can see the effects budget was greatly bumped lol

      thats a really great idea! i just may attempt to tackle this feature in my spare time, though all my methods are quite outdated ^^; thanks for the suggestion ^_^

  10. UWAAHHH VERY AMAZING FINALE!! It’s funny because I was honestly expecting DD Yoko to pop out there somewhere, but never expected the final form would BE HER lol! Very nice very nice! I lol’d at Exia looking up at Yoko’s pantsu, omg.

    Love this, everything flowed very nicely. Great job! ^o^

    • ohhh ho you are very clever to suspect that, but im very glad that in the end you were still surprised! lol Exia got a peak at heaven before he was sent to hell!!! XDD

  11. can you tell me what software you used to make the picture => video ^^; please

  12. hey! i love the finale. i just love the “henshin”, the “rider kicks”. Exia! and Cloud. OMG. had such a laugh. Will be looking forward to the “making of figma vs dai shocker”. I wish i can do one with Godzilla!

  13. My internet connection was giving me a hard time these days, making me unable to watch Part 3 immediately..
    Gotta say this is the best out of the three! perfect for a finale! The music is also fit in nicely. I really enjoy and have a good laugh in this episode 😀

  14. LOL Cloud was… pathetic >.< hahaha

    you really put a lot of effort into this!
    If I may ask, how many pics did you take all together?

  15. […] -From the creator of the somewhat popular “All Figma Rider vs. Little Dai Shocker,” comes “Nendogelion” the next action packed clip-motion short […]

  16. LOL this is really entertaining.
    thx for these vids rocklee!!
    decade final form is used by none other than rocklee himself 😀

  17. just finish the vids now, I like it.
    the sounds also made the battle more intense.
    well, I think a quicker frame per second will do better.

    • glad you enjoyed! 😀

      in the first release of part 1 there was no sound and it was super dull, so i took the time to edit sound in and it made a huge difference!

      yup, quicker fps and more images would have made things smoother but it was a learning process and rused things a bit. you might notice it does improve a bit with each part lol ^^

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