MG Wing Zero Custom WIP 07 -Completed? + Rifle Mod-

Not much new! I think im done overall with Wing Zero for now XD did a few small updates and a little fun test mod. Spent most of my free time experimenting with pla plates and photoshooting… most of which were all fails ^^; but its taken as a learning experience in the end!

PICT1518That is an older shot but i like it because the light reflecting off his eyes look cool! lots of pics ahead.

Lets start with the final little progressions;

innerwing progressAdded some detail to the inner wings, some lines and dirt.

backwing progressSame to the hidden sction of the back wings. Very dirty XD

PICT1559Removed the stickers i left on the wings and put in new wet decals. Looks better now, oh and that big bullet hole actually goes all the way through!

updatelefthand progressBeat up the left arm guard a bit more. Used the file to scrape away bits and this time put it directly under a lighter to melt the plastic lol Wanted to look like if he elbowed something and it exploded, the white parts could use some darkening.

PICT1567More decals falling off made the shoulder look plain so i put on another… looks like its about too fall off already… bad idea? lol Also did minor touch ups like shading and scraping up the hands a bit for damage look. Now on the that little mod!

riflemod progressI cut a hole in both Buster Rifles, the area can be covered so no biggie. Then i cut out 2 small pieces of pla plate that would fit in there.

rifleattach progressThen i remove the red fin on the arm guards, insert the pla plate and attach the Buster Rifle… Voila!

PICT1576Arm guns! XD

PICT1578*BLAM BLAM! get outta my way!*

They get in the way of the wings a bit but stay in place better than him holding the guns in hands… just for fun mod lol

Now to mix of photoshoot test shots! Some of these were taken prior to the work done above. I think these were taken outside with white back drop, but the sun wasnt shining too bright that day.





PICT1547I really liked the poses on these old shots.

These new ones i took after the finishing touches and it was indoors using a desk lamp. The lamp was too close due to space restrictions and they didnt turn out very good, Its a lot more difficult that i thought without a proper setup. Need to level up photography skills!






PICT1604Too bright! more like explosion effect…


I was thinking about entering this to the “Bandai World Gunpla Competition” for fun… im aware i have no chances of winning ^^ but why not XD that is if i can take better pics by the deadline which is the end of this month. Well, that is all ^_^


~ by rockleelotus on October 27, 2009.

26 Responses to “MG Wing Zero Custom WIP 07 -Completed? + Rifle Mod-”

  1. Arms guns! Lol nice mods 😀 I really like the old shot where you had your wing zero charging and the wings spreading out. To make it better why not take some shots from the side like this ^^. (note this picture is not mine, but a reference picture that i kept!)

    Think will really bring out all those little details you did. Great to see another fellow modeler experimenting with lights and improving with each build ^^.

    • very cool ref pic, ill give something like that a try! ^^ (just realized i did a lot of repetitive posing XD) posing him can be a little tough at times, especially with the wings, the left joint is loose lol

      have tons to learn about lighting and photography, its harder than making the Gunpla itself ^^;

      • I also encountered this heavy back pack problem with my strike freedom! Had a really bad backache while trying to pose him 😀 Anyway if there are loose parts usually i’ll use a blue tack to secure it just for the photoshoot haha ^^.

        Lighting and photography is definitely another huge learning curve! So many things to learn…

  2. i cringed every time i take a look at this model. I won’t be able to inflict so much damage on it, even if it’s intentional. I guess that’s why I’m not into gunpla?

    • XDDD my kits a bit extreme through experimentation ^^;; most modelers stay away from battle damage of this extent or dont do it at all. theres the other side of gunpla which is clean builds and mmm airbrushing, now those are good looking kits that wont make you cringe lol

      maybe this is also my form of stress release, as you can see i have a lot of pent up tension =P

  3. lol @ pent up tension.. isnt it released at figma riders? XD nice mods man.. with all the fine details. good job! well, im oso cringing.. XP lol!


    • wahaha figma riders are on vacation after filming, Wing Zero is new target XD wahh my kit makes everyone cringe, does that mean im doing it right?? or wrong?! lol next time someone mess with me ill bust out my gunpla and make them cringeeee~

  4. Nice handiwork, there. The reason why everyone cringes at your kits might be the sheer dedication you put into them (or the amount of pain (to the kit, not you) into them). I’ll balk when comes to serious kit modding. Too expensive here. T_T

  5. how to make that damaged effect burn them ?

  6. before I forgot are you planning put wing zero on BAKUC ?

  7. *A*~~~~!!! THE FIRST PICTURE AHHH amazing!!!!! /end caps xD

    And nice lighting in the last photos! I can’t stop saying this but beary beary cool custom!

  8. lol!~ dun worry lee.. you’re doing it rite.. pple cringe becos ur gundam too realistic they feel the pain. XD haha.. dun come near me with your gundams!!! nooooo~

    XD ren.

  9. So it’s finally complete, I see ^o^! I really love the first image where his eyes are glowing! And nice mod you did with the arms attaching them with the rifles ^^. Yeah, photography is pretty tricky but I actually liked how the last photos turned out. You should mess around with your camera settings; check your ISO, white balance, and adjust the brightness (aka exposure compensation), and you can pretty much take a decent photo without any fancy lighting and just using the lighting in your room or the sun light coming in from your window~

    And I don’t see why people are cringing at your mod lmao, some modelers are just too extreme and there’s nothing wrong with that. Hey, as long as you’re happy with it!

    • thinking of changing camera setting gives me a headache ^^; i liked the old shot with natural light, just need to take them during the day when the sun is at its brightest!

      agree, in the end it just depends if im happy with it, dont mind getting those comments so long as i understand the viewpoint lol ^^

  10. definitely a sweet mode for the forearms, maybe something to keep in mind if I ever get around to sprucing up my perfect grade! Well done on the battle damage, it’s not something I can do right at all.

    gonna have to add ya to my blogroll so I can check back in more often!

    • thanks ^^ nice you got the PG, those are a little too pricey for me. i hope to get some more kits soon and continue the battle damage theme!

      ill be adding you to my blogroll too, you have some really awesome builds ^^

  11. Damn really nice battle damaged Wing you got there. If only I could’ve made my unicorn like that ahhahaha. Anyway mind exchanging links? The more the merrier right? 😀

  12. awesome job again, i can’t wait to start mine. Thanks for making such a good WIP too.

  13. […] MG Wing Zero Custom WIP 07 -Completed? + Rifle Mod- October 2009 25 comments 3 […]

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