Surprised Nagi is Surprised -Halloween Edition-

Its almost Halloween! Are you folks doing anything to celebrate? Ill just be stuffing my face with the left over candy that doesnt get handed out by the end of the night XD

PICT1684*The Holy Grail!*

T’was a surprisingly sweet month for Nagi, first mooncakes now candies! ^_^

PICT1688*Choosing a mask, I dont think those are mask…*

PICT1679*Choosing strange costumes*

PICT1692*Too skimpy… how did oppai get bigger?!*

PICT1687*Beware of full moon when going out*

PICT1685*It happened again?!*

PICT1681 I really like how Konata looks as Drossel! Ill be keeping her this way :3 Will any of you be dressing up? Hope you have a happy yet spooky Halloween full of tricks and treats ^_^


~ by rockleelotus on October 29, 2009.

26 Responses to “Surprised Nagi is Surprised -Halloween Edition-”

  1. lol.. nendoroid ftw!! hilarious.. lol.

  2. LOL the flashing 1 is uber epic.

    Konata looks weird on drossel!

    • that is a nice full moon 😛

      Konata looks cool! i tried with Saber and Reika… now that looks weird! lol havent tried with Meiya but they all have smaller heads thats why XD

  3. agree. Konata looks awesome as drossel. Meh, she looks good in anything.

    I lol’d at the full moon XD

  4. hahaha that’s why i love nagi !!( I like that face the most )
    did you put glue in this picture to put that baton on top

  5. Lol @ the flashing one. Nagi is just too cute lolol. Despite my age, I really want to go trick ‘o treating. I kinda miss and hey I WANT FREE CANDY! lol I’ll probably end up buying a bag of candies in the end XD!

  6. Ah too bad we don’t celebrate Halloween here in my country. Would be cool if we had this!!! But I guess I’ll be happy just seeing your Nagi in surprised mode ^^ Never fail to give that lol moments 😀

  7. nope, no halloween celebration here…
    konata looks nice in a drossel costume 😀

  8. I predict that I will be stuffing myself with left over candy as well.

  9. Cool dress-up. 😀
    Konata really suits with Drossel, to the point of matching. Maybe I’ll make my Yoko wears Sazabi’s body again. =D

  10. LOL beware the full moon.
    Nagi’s eyes have been soiled!!

    But the moon actually was almost full on halloween. =]

  11. Haha nice, those are some of my favorite candies in the first and last pictures! And Konata does look really good as Drossel ^^ Drossel in sailor fuku is moe~ xD

  12. I made my Nendo’s crossplay, themselves :p I couldn’t help it, it was Halloween!

    • haha so true, i had to do it too. was also perfect to get Yuki in witch mode ^^

      btw! i havent had any success in my drawing lately XD not even one good sketch… how are things on your end? i will mail you when i make some progress ^^;;

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