October Loots + First 4koma? XD

End of October and i has a small loot report ^^ There have been a lot of nice goodies being announced and released but im trying to cut back on spending… which is not something i enjoy XD The reason for that is ive been out of a job for 3 months now? I still have a project on the side which can bring in funds but this month hasnt been good at all =_= in other words… im taking donations!!! =P Anyways on to the loots!

PICT1695*Yoko MMS*

Took the pics of Yoko MMS  late at night and my rooms lighting is very dim, so sorry in advance ^^; will take new pictures eventually!

That was a quick peak at Yoko MMS, but first lets take a look at these!

PICT0716PICT0717PICT0718Thats right Kamen Rider Decade Candy Toys! direct from Japan, through expensive proxy service thing XD I have to thank Wolfheinrich for his detective skills in discovering these items during his trip to Japan, he has all the info laid out here. These arrived in September but it was a “hush hush” secret for the filming of my mini movie ^^

PICT0719*Which to choose?!*

These come like Gunpla and you have to snap them together and add the stickers.

PICT0720*Yoko’s new weaponry*

Actually these are for Yoko DD but she can play with them too ^^ Will take pics of her in the new gear eventually ^^;;

Now back to Yoko on MMS! This is by Konami’s and MMS stands for “Multi Movable System” Same with the Busou Shinki figures… kinda want some of those too ^^


This is my first MMS figure, and they are quite nice! Out of the Yoko figures available this one caught my attention the most, shes kinda hard to find now… also waiting for this one to be released!  ^^

PICT1698Comes with nice amount of accessories!

PICT1699Extra hands, some dont have the joint things. No clue yet what those circle parts are for lol

PICT1700*Gift Yoko*

PICT1701*Alter Yoko*

Nice pose ablility… couldnt do Kotobukiya pose because her leg cant bent toward her body. As a poseable figure lover, i like what MMS has to offer. Seems a bit more durable than figmas in the joint department but i havent played with her much yet. Also should note some of her hands are very soft rubber as with her neck which can make her head a bit loose. Ehh dont wanna go into detail review mode, bottom line; i love this figure so far ^_^

MINI STORY TIME!(is this a 4koma?)

Boota’s first day out…





…was also his last! XDDD


~ by rockleelotus on October 31, 2009.

31 Responses to “October Loots + First 4koma? XD”

  1. Poor Boota! He was eaten again!

    And, I have a question, is that Yoko the limited movie edition Fraulein Revoltech Yoko? or is it a different manufacturer altogether?

  2. Ah! lol poor Boota. Man nice grabs you got! I loved yoko’s new weapon upgrades ^^. I am kinda in a similar situation with you, need to save up for my house and wedding next year, looks like I’ll have to really only buy those kits that I like! (Unfortunately it is also a very very long list…)

    • those are really important and pricey events to save up for! maybe you can get your Gunpla to build you a house lol i need to save up to move out too XD yea its tough choosing only a few from a very long list ^^;

  3. looks that konami yoko better than revoltech yoko what do you think ?
    and you got a lot of hensin device there ^__^

  4. Aww poor Boota was eaten again!
    And awesome idea for Yoko’s new weapons! ^^
    Those Kamen Rider candies look great!

    That konami yoko looks pretty top notch, tho I’m more a fan of figma’s. Someone should make an articulated Kamina. ToT

    • ya Konata is acting nuts this halloween lol
      i want a Yoko figma! i prefer them too but they wont make one XD we need to setup a petition for figures we want and send it to the companies lol

  5. Disclaimer: Boota is actually Very Delicious.

  6. lol did Konata mistaken Boota as a coronet? You should probably feed her more, dude and yay you still put her on drossel mode!

  7. Haha, it’s nice that you managed to get the Decadedriver and DiEnd Driver 😀 I searched every store I been to in Japan and really discovered them towards the end of my trip. Glad to be able to help you on that!

  8. *examines MMS Yoko photos*
    Hmm… I’ll stick with the Fraulein’s.

  9. haa.. nice loots! i like those belts. yumyum!haha.. and grats on your first MMS! more to come i presume? ^^

  10. Cool Yoko action figure. At a first glance I was like ‘they released a Yoko figma?!’

  11. Love the picture of nen-Yoko featuring her new toy ^^

  12. Nice loots! MMS Yoko looks pretty good, very nice get!! I like how she comes with a little Boota–er, Konata’s dinner! ^^;;

    • she is quite nice, only downside is her painted expressions arent as good as advertised, but that a bit to be expected XD Boota was a cute little bonus! and apparently he is delicious lol

  13. Nice to see that there are other moveable figures out there that it looks like… I can like. I don’t like the Mobip ones, otherwise I would totally get the K-On girls form their line, they just look strange. Just keep them at least semi original to character, it’s all I ask!!! Yoko looks lovely!

  14. Figutto Tamaki + Fraulein Yoko = Ohohoho… Can’t wait to get one. *nudge-nudge, wink-wink*

    More “interesting” 4komas if I can my hands on them. :grins:

  15. LOL that last picture 😛 oh well Boota looks like chocolate tho ^^;

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