“The Lion’s Growl” 4koma

Giving 4koma’s a try these days as you might have noticed ^^ I find them difficult, with only 4 panels to portray a story/idea …and also i suck at photoshop editing XD

lion growl 4koma

Saber Lion is always in need of food… Hope you enjoy ^_^


~ by rockleelotus on November 8, 2009.

22 Responses to ““The Lion’s Growl” 4koma”

  1. ooh, feel like owning one more nendo now. i love the backdrop.
    stomach hungry. grrrr.

  2. @ tako ah so the collection begins….lol ^^

    @ rockleelotus the last picture was hilarious! Can’t stop laughing at that. Nothing to complain about your photoshop skills ^^ Looks good 😀 Btw you custom made the back drop with leaves? Makes a really neat diorama idea.

    • thx! i am very slow with photoshop, i forgot how to use lot of tools and functions i learned years ago ^^;; yes i made the backdrop! just cut paper with my hobby knife and fold it up. i wanted grass but had no props, so must make instead! lol

  3. LOLx!! so funny!!! man.. GOOD JOB!! hahaha.. i love this 4koma!! and well done on the backdrop! i see a cubecraft coming.. lolx..
    looking forward to more 4koma! so cutee… yes.. psycho tako to buy more. XD


  4. hehe cute. we get the story even if it’s only in 4 panel. Good job dude.

  5. Now all that you need is to you change Miku into a Monster Hunter ;P

  6. … The cuteness… its too .. no.. it OVER 9000~!
    Why is it Nendroids are sooo tempting? (Wait! there goes me BUDGET~!).

    p.s. good job for the backdrops (should’ve done mine also)
    p.s.s. I eat Photoshop for… everything that I do. =D

    • powa overwhelming?! chibi cuteness is tempting lol
      you have some nice props already, like tea cups and… tentacles! XD after so many 4koma you must be pro at photoshop ^^

      • Actually I’m teaching Photoshop (I’m a pentool extraordinaire). =D

        Also, one could not have one too many props. The more the merrier.

  7. >_< I can't see the text and picture too small

  8. LOL! That last panel is brilliant!

  9. I loved this, it was so cute X3 I have to apologize, I did get your email, but my internet has been dead at my house and I haven’t been able to get anything done, but I wanted to let you know that I saw it! I hope to get back to you soon with my character so we can get started, but there are exams coming up and a few other things stopping me from getting it to you immediately, forgive me -_-

    • ahh that sucks, losing internet is a pain *comforts vixums* do focus and take care of your exams first, thats more important ^^ we can continue whenever you have the time, no rush remember 😛

  10. I’m done. A long time since i haven’t laugh like this.
    I would be honored to add you on my banner roll. I’m conquered.

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