Keroro Adventures! -Episode 02-

PICT1224Welcome to Keroro Adventures! Episode 02  -de arimasu!

PICT1786Kero: While Zero-dono is resting, I will put our plan into action. With this “sticky imobilizator gun”


I will trap all those pesky pekopon like little mice!

PICT1788GeGeroGero! Here comes the first victim now!


Konata: Ewww! What is this? My foot is stuck…

PICT1791Now time to make them do my bidding if they want this “un-sticky ointment”

PICT1792Kero: Hahaha  little Peko..

Konata: Damn it, i had to take off my shoe! who ever did this is going to pay!

PICT1795Kero: Wait! This isnt how its suppose to go…



PICT1797….I dropped the ointment.

PICT1798GeroGero! Silly me, only my suit is stuck.

*kssshh release chest armor plate*



PICT1803Ahhhhhh save meee!!

-to be continued!





~ by rockleelotus on November 12, 2009.

25 Responses to “Keroro Adventures! -Episode 02-”

  1. Fell for his own trap. lol. Simple yet funny.

    Who’s going to save you now, Keroro. I know… Oh Yokooo… Someone wants to see your “pet”… =D

    • wahaha talk about easy bait, Keroro will be overwhelmed by Yoko’s “pet” XD actually Yoko’s “pet” is like that moisture absorbing creature on their planet!!

  2. lmao, that is so typical of Keroro. Nice job!

  3. what ??? yoko come or gundams come ????

    • I was referring to my Yoko who has a Blu-Tack tentacle thingie as a pet (as per recent my 4komas 😀 ).

      • @moemoekyun: maybe no one will come?! o.O Keroro is in a sticky situation lol

        @bd77: yep, if your Yoko came here… there would be a lot of “action” with all my female figure around :3

  4. lolx. loved the keroro hiding in bushes scene.. so lifelike!! =D
    cho kawaii…!

  5. Ah I better start making those cut out grasses! They make such nice dioramas! Love the story short and sweet haha 😀 Keroro’s big plans for more money always back fires lol!

    They have these new series of pirate keroro, equally silly and full of gimmicks ^^ You might want to check those out.

    (Ps : your new banner is up ^^)

    • the paper cut outs sure are simple but effective! man, im missing out on all the latest Keroro funnies lol i just finished season 1 XD need to find the rest and the movies too.

      woot! thx for taking the time to make a new banner ^_^b

  6. now that’s one dumb move from keroro! I like the last four pictures man! it’s so funny!

  7. Hahaha silly! I still need to watch this series, I don’t understand how the manga is so long! But I heard the anime is super funny.

    • i just started watching it recently, barely finished season 1. its seriously hilarious stuff lol and there are so many episodes to go! for some reason i wasnt aware of the manga ^^;

  8. Haha, interesting bit, don’t know anything about Keroro though.

  9. Keroro is always reckless ^^
    btw we’re using the same wordpress theme, but I can’t activate my blogroll widget. Any ideas why?

    • he sure is lol

      ahh for blogroll its not a widget, just click on Links>Add Link> enter the web address and under “categories” check the blogroll box then it should show up ^_^

      • That’s the problem, I cannot activate it >.<
        It does not appear on the sidebar, even at 'widget' there is no 'blogroll' option. Previously I used a different theme and I can activate my blogroll. Strange…..

        • oh my, i’m getting old, I kept searching for the word ‘blogroll’ at the widget option, but it’s actually ‘links’, >.<
          thx rocklee!

  10. lol! The last bit is hilarious! I’m wondering what Keroro will do after this… xD

  11. hahaha the last scene was amusing! Really enjoyed this. you come up with the most entertaining figure stories lol. ^^
    (and sorry for the late late replies you’re about to get, I’ve been sick with a cold/flu (no, not swine flu ^^;;))

    • sorry to hear you arent feeling well, hope you get better soon! haha glad its not swine flu 😛

      and thank you, great to receive your comments any time! they can be very fun to make, really glad you like them! that makes it worth it ^^

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