New Art Im Working On… Finally!

Its been so long since i made an art post, or made any art for that matter ^^; Started on a few new original character designs these past few days, all are WIP and if i can create a solid design*rare occurrence* i might end up modeling them in 3D for my demo reel!

elf rogue001 wipReally like how this guy turned out. An elf rogue with dual wield blades. I have a very sketchy and heavy style of drawing, clean lines are not my strong point. Dont have the same skills to make pretty lines lines Kanochu! XD Seems i get a better flow working on the tablet, still need to get used to working with it though.

shygirl001 wipCute litle punk rock girl i will be using for a project :3 Recently  after seeing my little sketch of Fuka Ayase, Vixums suggested we do some kind of collaboration together. Never really done an art collab before so i decided to give it a try! We are still talking things out and pretty much taking it easy, but thanks to her i got more motivation to start drawing again ^_^

elf archer002 wipElf ranger, for some reason im creating lots elf characters. this guy is talented in both long and close range combat, his bow is retractable and can be a longbow or shortbow! he has half his hair tired back so it wont mess with his aim lol XD

cursed warrior001 wipLastly, a cursed lone warrior. just barely started on him so hes very incomplete, but thought of a cool gimmick for him thus the added “cursed” in his status. re-using parts of an old design with him for now.


Well, hope you enjoyed seeing some of my artwork, and hopefully i will start making more 3D models again… much to relearn in that department ^^;


~ by rockleelotus on November 15, 2009.

20 Responses to “New Art Im Working On… Finally!”

  1. Good luck in cleaning the artwork using the tablet, it could addictive and you might forget to stop for a break. I’m still using the mouse for my art (my renditions of the three Mazingers) via the Photoshop’s pentool. Gives me nice clean lines, every single time.
    Can’t wait to see the colour/finished versions. 😀

  2. Great to hear that you are starting your artwork again ^^. Somehow the last picture reminds me of this anime call beserk. Haha drawing is way out of my department but I love the first one 😀 Looking forward to the cleaned up pictures with colors ^^.

    Ps: My favorite elf is deed from Record of Lodess War. She is the elf in this opening title 😀

    • i really need to watch Berserker and Record of Lodoss War! ive heard good things about em, need to learn more about Deedlit too ^^

      wow a video loading in comments is so weird lol

  3. cool i love the first one ^__^

  4. I’m so glad you posted some more of your sketches *hugs* For an artist, hearing that they got someone to start drawing, it makes my day, it’s so sweet <333

    I can't wait to get started on our project together!

    • hehehe i can be a little lazy and unorganized at times, having someone give a positive push in the right direction is a great thing! im looking forward to get things rolling too ^_^

  5. woahhhhh.. you can draw so welll!!! goodness. all of them look very good to my untrained eyes.. XD they reminded me of those RPGs characters.. like your descriptions of them..

    • haha thx ren ^^ i still have much to learn, to trained eyes they are very average works 😛 i did designed them with RPG in mind since i used to play a few myself! lol my favorite jobs to play in MMORPG’s is always the thief/assassin/ninja

  6. hey, i tend to doodle very sketchy stuff too. i can’t draw anything serious like urs. cool. i love to see art pieces. Ur cursed lone warrior, Ganbatte!

  7. LOLX. yes. it sounded VERY weird lee.. XD

  8. Wow, nice sketches!! I especially love love love the third pic, he’s cute! xDD Very awesome detail on all of their armours and weapons, too! ^0^

  9. Oh these are wonderful! You have some very nice drawing skills. I think my favorite would have to be the Elf Ranger; he looks quite amazing. Love the first one too! They’re all nice! ^_^ And the 3D thing sounds like it’ll be interesting. I once tried 3D years ago but it was just too confusing for me lol.

    • thx, im in progress of trying to clean them up. quite a task it is XD

      oh cool you tried 3D also? yea it can be quite confusing, im still confused with most of the procedures too ^^;

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