Nendo Totem Pole?

PICT1810Come join the Totem…

PICT1811…worried faces?

PICT1812closer examination…

PICT1815Saber Lion decides to stick with normal Totem Poles

PICT1817Safe choice, dont you agree?

Yoko took a plunge during XD she is fine but pissed! The lighting sucks on the last two shots lol and i need more nendos to stack higher…ย  I challenge you to stack your figures/toys!ย  ^_^


~ by rockleelotus on November 16, 2009.

36 Responses to “Nendo Totem Pole?”

  1. So funny pictures!

  2. The nendo faces suits the situation, to the point of “Awwwww”.
    Saber-Lion is wise in sticking to normal totems (they won’t collapsed from fatigue).

    Too bad mines won’t do as they had bad stability. I’d be lucky if could just put two of them.

  3. Hehehe! I love it! I wonder how many Nendos could be stacked ontop of each other without falling. I don’t have enough Nendos to do that though, but if I did, it’d be nice to have a floor made of pillows just incase they fall xD Would be comfy too!

  4. what that paper for ??

    • yoko so lucky this time she can sit on the top!!

      • i have a stack of paper on my table for notes and sketches, i use it as a base for pics since its nice n white ^^

        Yoko has most authority*most threatening* but maybe being all the way up there is not the best position lol

        • I think you cover something that paper.something that you want no one to see it LOL

        • haha nope, also i put the paper in the back just so its easier to focus on the subject*need a bigger one*. having lots of figures in the background can be distracting ^^

  5. I love their faces. XDD Cutest totem pole ever!! If I stack my figurines, they probably won’t last beyond the second person…maybe I’ll do it with my plushes and hope I have more luck. xP

  6. Now lets see a few pyramids and flips off the top – LMAO! That was a pretty cool totem and love the arrangment of faces to match!

  7. How the hell did you balance it! seriously! its not small feat!

    • hehe actually with this combo is quite easy! Miku makes a good base because her twintails give nice support, Nagi’s sit position is very stable so placing her on Miku’s head is done with ease. Yoko is a bit tricky, had to balanece her near the front of Nagi’s head and use her ponytail as counter balancer. although any slight move and she will fall… which happened once XD

      i know i can stack more with the right nendos!

  8. I’ll accept the challenge! but will only do it when I have more nendos >_>

  9. Lol man this is really funny ๐Ÿ˜€ Okay this is really a fun challenge hehe…(Stares at my 1/144 grunts & ugly dolls…)

    Actually for the last two pictures just brighten it up a bit it should be okay ^^. Nevertheless great to see you having so much fun with your nendos! (I mustn’t succumb to the dark side and buy them…they are highly addictive!)

    • if i recall your ugly dolls have some experience in stacking! hope you give it a try and good luck if you do ^^ nendos are hard to resist but you have already fallen… to ugly dolls that is ๐Ÿ˜›

      ahh in the last two pics the back light that came from my window drowned out the details on the lil totem, theres actually quite a good bit of detail on it!

      • Haha I have done my the roster for my stacking!! Will post it up as soon I get my balancing act right! ๐Ÿ˜€ (how the da hell do i stack up 4 ugly dolls + 2 unexpected guest and 10 grunt unit….)

  10. […] by bd77 In refering to Rocklee’s nendo totem post, Ryoma “motivates” Team Grunt in beat […]

  11. @Rocklee- My response:โ€“-the-challenge/ (watch out for falling gunplas)

  12. lolx! their expressions are priceless! haha. i dun have enuff figures to stack them up. man.. i cant seem to find any nice nendoroids nowadays at my area.. they’re so rare too. haha. since i have yako now.. i’m starting to falllll…… lolx. XD

    • if you were to stack anything, Gojira will be tempted to come over and knock it down ๐Ÿ˜› haha yes, even if you have just one nendo around you they will start to work their magic! i get everything online so i fall easily ^^;; being rare might work to your advantage to fight off the urge? lol

  13. you never get enough with those funny expression! Saber lion should just go ahead and join the nendo totem! safety comes last and viewer satisfaction comes first if we’re talking about nendos ๐Ÿ˜†

  14. that is the cutest totem pole i’ve ever seen! ^o^ were they easy to stack up like that? i’d be afraid they would tip over! ^^;;

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