Extreme Nendoroid Stacking!

Quick post update, Saber Lion decided to go for it and woot they did it!

What brave souls!

Sorry in advanced for blurry pics, but i was in a rush to snap them hoping they wouldnt fall! …They didnt fall ^_^b

I got a bit motivated after reading all the comments and hearing your reactions so decided to give you moar 😛

*Leaning tower of nendo*

Its just the angle but totally looks like they are about to fall!!

awww Saber is on the verge of tears.

Check out Saber Lion’s balancing skills!

This was quite fun to do, hope you enjoy the pics. Lets applaud the nendos for their efforts *applauds* will attempt to push it when i get more ^^


~ by rockleelotus on November 17, 2009.

40 Responses to “Extreme Nendoroid Stacking!”

  1. Ryoma: HUH~?! They’re going for FIVE~! Ok you lugheads! GO FOR SIX~!
    Grunts + Helldiver & Mazinkaiser: WHAAAAT~! O_O

  2. haha! WE WANT MORE!!!!

  3. Omg this is priceless! lol love the stacking shots 😀 Luckily Saber lion head is big and stable enough ^^

    It scary though…they look as if the can fall any moment!

    • thats the only way i found for Saber to balance with this group, turns out she is acrobatic? lol

      yup its very scary, there is no safety net for them to fall on too XD i think im asking for trouble!

  4. oh no… this is insanity!

  5. Nendo totem pole!

    I wish to see more!

  6. *0* Saber is able to balance as well!! I love the variety in their colors, it makes the Nendo totem pole look awesome!

  7. YEA – you got Saber on top and still balanced! I love the fact she is doing a headstand.

  8. awesome how you did that using wax or something ???

  9. Stack one more! You can do it! Use the force xD I doubt I could even get 3 to stack if I tried. I also lack the patience which would be my downfall lol.

  10. how did u do it??… nice balancing skill ^^

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  12. I see the trick is one miku hair !!! ^_^

    • on miku hair but not sure with saber lion head >_<

      • ya Miku makes a good base because her twin tails are perfect support! with Saber Lion and the rest, its just about finding their center of gravity and line them up to balance ^^

        with Yoko had to be really careful and use the back of her butt and the ponytail ^^;

  13. Eek! Don’t fall!
    Miku certainly has a head of steel to carry all that weight.

  14. That’s amazing and for some reason super super cute.
    Did they eventually fall?

  15. omg amazing!! and lol at upside down saber–oh poor sabor lol. it’s surprising they didn’t fall. ^^;

  16. Catching up on blog roll again, been spending time to catch up on White Album haha, nice stack!

  17. OMG! How cute is that?!

  18. OMG! How did you manage to make them stand still? Very funny photos shoots. I like it.
    But it probably hurt the nendos when the tower collapsed 😦

    • it took a little patience and finding their center of gravity ^^
      there was no injuries when i stacked all four! but Yoko did fall once in my earlier attempt with only three XD weird huh?

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