Vitamin C

The Rainbow Sisters urge you to stay healthy this season by getting a daily dose of vitamin C

These little oranges are actually called “Cuties” lol how fitting!

Of course there can be a downside of having to much Vitamin C…

Do we look okay?

I rarely have enough fruits(not to mention veggies) but i love it when we get these delicious little oranges. Are you getting your daily dose?


~ by rockleelotus on November 22, 2009.

51 Responses to “Vitamin C”

  1. lolz. ao cute!! grrrr.. why do they stop producing such cute nendoroids.. *points to saber lion* lolx. i dun eat fruits often too.. but i do like veggies.. heh.

    • they really should do a re-release for Saber Lion, i keep hearing a lot of people still want her. i was very fortunate and picked up one of the last ones at hlj before she got discontinued! not only that, she was my first nendo ^^

      my fav color is green, i should like veggies more… but i dont lol

  2. Oh God… Why… Why must you tempt me with tooth-achingly sweet images of nendos?… X_x

    Even for their lack of movements and flexibility, the cuteness is just… Awwww โค

    My daily dosage comes from either supplements or the fruits themselves (if I remember to buy them).

  3. Omg! Rocklee, stop all this!!! You are tempting me more and more with each of your posts!!! All the Nendoriods so cute….always drop by your blog for that weekly does of Nendo vitamins… After taking photos at AFA09 I realized how addictive and fun Nendos can be. I am almost done with part 3! Nendo spam!

    As for my daily does, just a nice red apple with some orange juice ๐Ÿ˜€

    • lol didnt mean to poiso.. i mean tempt you all. ive just been having too much fun and ideas with the nendos as i wait for my next gunpla(s). my next post should be a figma story if all goes well ^^ really looking forward to part 3 of your coverage!

      ahh apple + glass of oj, nice combo.

  4. So cute ^__^

  5. Part3 up!!!

    • awesome coverage! man, i really wish wordpress had real time blogroll thingy or chatbox function! lol

      • they actually have something call readomatic. But only works for wordpress blogs though. Just enter the blogs u wish to subscribe to and they will automatically bring up the latest post for the blogs that you subscribed to.

        In that way I won’t miss out any of the great stuff out there daily haha. Nendo vitamins anyone:D

        • Agree. They’re great when you have multiple blogs to keep track of. Like chubbybots said, only from wordpress blogs only…

        • wow, too bad its only for wordpress but still very neat! and im only finding about i now, months later lol thanks for the helpful info!

  6. Nice! so they are the Rainbow sisters now?

  7. that are some small cuties ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. My mom makes me eat so much fruit that I start complaining when she tries to feed me more. XDDD But yeah, I need the Vitamin C…and more exercise!! Those oranges are really cute, and small. XDD

    Eating oranges + mouth ulcer = painful. x_X Luckily my ulcer wasn’t so bad, but still. ):

    Also, do you mind if I add you to my blogroll? xD

    • haha that is so funny XD yup i didnt even mention exercise, need more of that too >_> these oranges are small but very very good! O_O stay away from citrus with mouth ulcer, hope it heals up soon ^^

      i dont mind at all! ill add you also ^_^b

  9. that reminds me! how long have i not eaten oranges? hmmm…

  10. I drink Orange juices more than eating the fruit.

  11. NOOO they turned into oranges!!

    But I do .> however I do drink a lot of orange juice ^^

  12. Oh my, I didn’t even notice they were rainbow until i really looked at their colors XDDD Ah, makes me want some… and the tangerines look nummy too, I need some right now~ The more I think about it, the more I realize I haven’t had very much fruit lately, haha THAT’S not good XD

    • yep thats not good at all, its so easy to forget to have some nutritious fruits. but now your aware, so go get some! if only a daily does of figures was all we needed XD lol

  13. Almost everyday I eat at hawker center, and 80% it’s mixed rice, so I get enough veggies I think ^^.
    But I rarely eat any fruits since I come to Singapore

    • i think that counts lol and that sounds like one way i dont mind getting my veggie intake ^^

      • Um…a question here
        how do I make my blogroll list with images like yours? Long weekend awaits, will try to enhance the look of my blog.

        thx b4!

        • lol for some reason i get asked that quite often ^^; but the answer is simple!

          just make your little banner or find an image to use. then go to your Dashboard and click on “Links” >
          pick a link and go to “Edit” >
          scroll down and look for the “Advanced” field >
          you should see “Image Address” enter the location of the image there “http banner.jpg” and thats all there is to it! have fun enhancing your links ^^

  14. You should make commercials for orange juice. ^ ^
    Nice photos.

  15. The oranges are so cute! They look great with the Nendos ^^
    I loooove fruits! I normally get enough fruit daily, but veggies…not so much ^^;

  16. Oh wow, Kodomut does apples, and Rock Lee does oranges. Now i gotta go find myself a fruit! Cute oranges btw! >_<

  17. I’ll cover it with Durians lol ^^

  18. haha nope…..there might be another one….

  19. I don’t like veggies…maybe that explain why I’m easy to get ill TT

  20. […] a small update ^^ If you are wondering why her chanting is in fruits it is inspired by Rockleelotus post […]

  21. Done, thc for the info ^^

  22. i don’t think i’ve had oranges nor orange juice in a long time lol. guess it’s time to go buy some! and lol @ the last picture; so cute~


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