Laser Tag! -part 1-

The game is on!

Meiya: I think i saw something this way.

Meiya: Hold, thats the spot!

Reika: Roger that!

Get ready…

Hmmm, it looks clear.

This side is clea… wait a sec.

What the hell…

Meiya: What is it?!




Meiya: Please… dont pay any attention to the graffiti…



Meiya: Watch out!!


*pew pew pew!*

Take cover!

*pew pew*

Kabuto: Ohh, nice moves.

Gattack: Why did i just get a stick?….

-to be continued


Lazer tag! have you ever played it? i did only once long long ago in Las Vegas… it was super awesome fun! No effects because im lazy ^^; also no stands were used in this story… so far XD did you notice Reika’s one legged stand! okay its not that hard to do, but it takes more effort compared to a certain Drossel! ๐Ÿ˜› and Gattack gets *the short end of the stick* lol Hope you enjoyed ^_^


~ by rockleelotus on November 25, 2009.

29 Responses to “Laser Tag! -part 1-”

  1. gattack have nice pose LOL (monkey ^_^ ??)

    what exactly is this “counter strike” figma or Gantz style !!

  2. Thats one hell of a balancing act!! I am getting dizzy staring at those words ‘what the hell’…all those spinning colors wooo…..

    I never played lazer tag, the closest I ever played something like that was with water bombs and super soaker guns with my neighbors haha! Grenade!!!

    • I used to play airsoft gun with my cousin in backyard bumbumbum

      • @chubbybots: ya i wanted “gangster” lettering and this is the only font i had installed, the colors are a bit wild lol
        im elementary i played water balloon fight with the neighbors too was so fun!

        @moemoekyun: woah airsoft gun fight? thats gotta leave some marks! you must be one tough cookie.

  3. Had a good laugh. XD
    Part one, eh? Can’t to see part two. It would be nice if we could see the *pew-pew* effects (so we know where the shot is headed).

    Woohoo. Tomorrow’s a holiday and can do more 4komas ๐Ÿ˜€

    TK402: Get off me!
    TK401: I thought its’ supposed to be a race? Of sorts…

  4. gods – it has been so long since I last laser tagged. I don’t remember such cool costumes when I played?

  5. KR vs Figma? more to come = great!

  6. Nice, Reika! XD And I really like Gattack’s pose, so expressive. XDDDD And lol!! Is Meiya doing a facepalm in the graffiti pic?

    Never played lazer tag, just plain catching. Heck yeah, running around the basketball court and ‘twist’-ing to escape being caught. XD;;

    • thats his pondering pose lol and yep *facepalm* all the way XD

      playing tag/catching is prolly more intense then lazer tag, plus its one hell of a workout lol “twisting” perfect way to describe the evading technique involved!

  7. lolx!!! WAT THE HELL!!! haahaha.. super funny! XD maybe the nendoroids are hiding smwhere.. heheh.. nv played laser tag before tho… phew phew..

  8. WAT THE HELL!! hahaha that’s the funniest shit XD

  9. Lololol! Haha Reika is distracted by the graffiti xD I love the last picture especially!

  10. Hey, why not making the part two like the animation you did previously? It sure is much more fun to watch (although it’s more pain to make one :lol:)

    Nice one on “What the Hell” part, haha and that gattack pose is really something

    • interesting you mention that, i originally was going to animate this story! lol but as you said, the process can be a pain so i opted to pass ^^;;
      maybe i will complete the story and animate it later… like a manga to anime LOL

  11. Poor gattack, kagami is always unlucky
    so you collect nendo, SHF, figma, gunpla, and dollfie….(drools)

  12. @ heathorn my situation is slowly becoming like…a bit of ugly dolls, nendos, gundam…

  13. lmao you come up with the best figure story boards! i always enjoy reading what you come up with! ^^

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