Shipping Cost… O_O

This post is to mark the most i ever paid for shipping ^^;; yep, ordered some Gunpla a little while ago from AmiAmi, got the payment notice and the shipping was the same amount of my order! My total for items was about 6000yen, and EMS was about 6000yen XD i was shocked because i havent used EMS in quite a while. They need to make MG kits come in a little smaller boxes XDDD

random old pic for Exia whoring

Gotta stay away from EMS as its stealing all my hobby funds lol Also my timing was bad, after i placed the order all these sales popped up! HLJ is doing a second free shipping promotion this month. Im pulling hairs… whats the most you ever paid for shipping?

Ending post with old happy pic ^^


~ by rockleelotus on November 27, 2009.

47 Responses to “Shipping Cost… O_O”

  1. if you buy book or magz with EMS it cost >_<

    • IT cost twice the book cost + the book cost = three times the book cost X_X
      how about your unicorn head ?? using sal or EMS ?
      I wonder how much the shipment for your dollfie ??

    I want that but the price and shipment cost cause me a heart attack T_T (sorry for triple comments)

  3. OMG….if my shipping cost as much as my kit i’ll rather skip it…but I can imagine my funds draining out pretty fast if I am in your situation…plus the waiting 😦

    • i know XD that was the only place that had most of what i wanted, also with shipping you dont get the quote till the order is ready. i was hoping for about 4000yen but 6000 blew my mind T_T shipping cost is main reason i have to hold back on spending lol

  4. 6000Y… It is painfully expen$ive… T_T
    Normally I asked any of my friends if they’re also want to order something and do it in one shot, that way, it won’t too painful.

    • I can buy a MG with that money ^^; or 2 nendoroid (I want drossel >_<)

    • combining with others seems good way to “share the pain” for cost lol i might start shopping locally even if prices are higher since it would be near the same with international shipping XD

  5. with 12.000 yen I will buy a PG Gundam that the cheapest one

  6. @ moemoekyun Another few Nendoroid would be nice…I so want Saber lion!!!

  7. @moemoekyun: HGUC Dendrobium… amazing! i just finished watching Stardust Memory too. 12000 shipping for PG?! holy hell XD
    ya i could have gotten so much extra with the amount used for shipping ^^;

    @chubbybots: so many discontinued nendos! i still want Zetsubou sensei, Kemeko, and Mesousa nendo! some are selling for $100 =_=;;

  8. Ya man…its so different from Gunpla where the kits are always there. But when it comes to Nendos the moment you don’t grab it someone else would….or else you can buy highly jacked up prices…but I did saw a Nagi for $70 hehe…oh so tempting!!

    • i hope and wonder if they will do re-releases, they did for Miku since she had a huge demand… those jacked up prices are torture! oh ho tempting Nagi, i have a feeling your nendo collection will grow much larger than mine very soon lol

      • you might say lol… but then saber lily sword is beckoning me argh!!! The crying wallet!!

        Then again Surprised Nagi look is so good for so many shots and situations hehe…

  9. MYR70 or $20. That’s the most I’ve paid for shipping and it’s for Ichigo’s White Hollow. That’s the only figured I got internationally. I bought my other figures locally so I had saved a lot on shipping money there.

    @rockleelotus the shipment not 12000 yen but the kit price is 12000
    the shipment is 5000 yen
    I was dreaming own a PG 3 years ago ^^;

  11. PG 00 raiser EMS shipments is 9600 yen thought >_<
    is there no local store for gundam in your region ??

    • lol ya, pretty crazy rates.
      there are prolly a few shops around, i just havent looked before since i prefer to so my shopping online. also i dont have a means of transportation… still, i might start looking/asking around if it will save me some cash lol

  12. 5056 yen for Robot Damashii Regnant’s shipping. xDD; Granted, it’s actually lower than what I thought it’d be. I paid USD50 for shipping NG 1/100 00 Raiser to a friend as a gift [and swore off Celga after that XD XD]…EMS shipping is painful. ): Nice to have that extra security but so far I haven’t lost any packages so I’m willing to take some risk to ease the pain on my wallet! XD

    And yeah, shipping’s one reason why I’ve turned to getting my stuff locally instead. XDD; For me at least, it’s cheaper to get stuff locally than online, though it means waiting longer.

    Also, love that MG Exia pic! I never get bored of seeing your MG Exia. XD So good-looking. ;_; xD

    • that is quite a bit of change dropped for Regnant! i thought the same way when i switched to SAL long ago since most my shipments arrived okay. in a way it keeps me from making large orders too but there was no avoiding it with this latest purchase… i wanted quite a few goodies lol

      yea the extra wait for local items can be a pain but so is paying extra for shipping? XD at least you have a few great shops around your area ^^ and Exia thanks you for the compliment :3

  13. LOL what did you buy from them? I have no experience for international shipping cost, but for local shipping cost is just about 20.000rupiah (3sgd)

    • lol that will be revealed in a loot post once it arrives, ive heard amiami has great shipping but they charge a lil bit extra also ^^;; local shipping is a lot better in some cases, because prices are usually a bit higher too… need to move to japan lol!

  14. oh yeah I order my stuff 4
    -unicorn head
    -dengeki magz comics
    using sal and they put yume ,drossel and dengeki magz in same package and put unicorn head in diferent package ^^;

    • ive had that happen to me before too, with HLJ and Otacute. kinda sucks but SAL has a size limit so if the combines items are too big they have to do that ^^; really need to keep a lot in mind when ordering international to save $$$ lol

  15. for Gundam I never order online even the store sell it with 40-60% more than normal price It’s cheaper than shipment cost
    I got my unicorn for around 75 USD around 50% more then normal(at that time currency)

  16. BTW which gundam did you order ??? ^^;

    • i forgot… lol j/k i will reveal it in loot post once i receive it. i got mainly older kits but its 1 MG, 2 HG, unicorn base, and a special item ^^

      • hmm old figures let me quess !!!
        -MG gouf custom 40%
        -MG RX-78 30%
        -MG strike 20%
        -MG ZAKU 10%
        for HG i have no idea but I think it should be HGUC series
        a “zeon” MS 40%
        and unicorn(maybe)
        for special item you spend 6000 yen for total so it should be something less than 1000 yen ????
        figma Di:stage 30%
        gundam display stand 30
        modeler equipment 20%
        gundam marker 10%
        other 10%

        • woah are you a robot with your calculations?! lol you broken it down well and its about 75%ish correct, loot will be here soon so you can compare your guesses then ^^

        • ^__^
          1.kureha 30%
          2.ryougi shiki 25%
          3.yume 20%
          4.riannon 20%
          5.yako 5%
          my quess for chubby’s third nendo ^^;

  17. Oh Dear God, that shipping price is absolutely ridiculous!!! I may come off as cheap for saying it, but I don’t pay for any shipping more than half of my order, I just refuse. I’m in no rush to get my figures, I’ll wait two to three weeks for them, unless it’s a packaging issue that will make me worried about getting it to my house in one piece. That’s why I love places that give you options for shipping instead of automatically charging you 20+ dollars for it.

    • that doesnt com off as cheap, it comes off as rational lol thats what i dont like about getting quotes only after placing an order. waiting isnt that much or a problem for me either, next time i wont make big orders that will require EMS ^^;

  18. Hmm, I don’t think I ever keep track of how much I spent on shipping cost….

  19. that shipping cost is insane…I never experience that kind of situation, since I usually skip those item which have a crazy shipping cost. I prefer to get the big toys from a local store 😀

  20. @ moemoekyun Its 100% Riannon ^^!!!

  21. Now im feeling scared. I ordered something from amiami too… Requested for SAL though. Wonder if they will charge me so much too…

    Usually i buy my stuff from the Brick n mortar shops… So, no shipping for me!

    • was it a small item? so long as it doesnt pass the size limits your okay. there was no way i could get SAL on this large order i made ^^;; also i think they require you pay extra 700yen for “registered” upgrade if you qualify for SAL. hope you get decent rate!

      i need to avoid shipping cost but love shopping online lol

  22. Yea… EMS shipping is painful to swallow. I still use it regularly though. I kinda like having the peace of mind knowing that my item is safe and insured… and is coming here quickly :D. As for your question, the most I’ve paid for shipping (EMS) is 16200 yen… which is around $150 back then.

    • yea EMS can be painful, but as you said the peace of mind it give can be worth it, especially if your buying something rare/important. wow thats a lot, the order i placed total with shipping is about that much lol i dont like paying too much for shipping cuz im a cheapskate 😛

  23. i always use EMS (even tho it’s painful lol); i don’t think i have the patience to go along with SAL nor trust it as much orz. can’t remember what the most i’ve paid for shipping…

    • very painful to use EMS only, that would mean its better to make large orders right? or make purchases less often XD i dont mind the wait much, registered SAL is prolly a good alternative ^^

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