Laser Tag! -part 2-

The real fun begins!

Reika: Whats the plan?

Meiya: On the count of three, we split up and surround them from both sides.

Kabuto: On the count of three, you run out as the decoy… while your getting shot, ill pick them off.

Gatack: Wuuuut?!




Drossel: So heres where all the fun is happening.

But it seems i dont have a laser gun…

*retracts hand*

This will have to do! Its a form of “laser”


…the hell?!


Meiya: looks like we have a common enemy! We should work together.

Gatack: No complaints here!

Drossel: Let the fun begin!

-to be continued



~ by rockleelotus on November 28, 2009.

31 Responses to “Laser Tag! -part 2-”

  1. wow how make that effect ^__^ using photoshop ??
    is that gundam beam saber part ??

  2. Don’t you just loved unknown factions ๐Ÿ˜€
    They always adds excitement to the story.

    LoL. Looks like those bunch are being scared by Drossel with a beam saber. *waits for the next installment*

  3. looks like next episode will be full with “mutilate” body part >_<

  4. Lol love drossels’ grand entrance and the effects!! Will a certain nendo appear out of no where too? haha

  5. OMG Drossel is as badass as ever.

    If you’ve blended the cracked wall onto that, it means that your wall’s really cracked!!

  6. lol funny. on my figuramo, drossel always the one ended up getting bullied ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. SUDDENLY, DROSSEL!! Drossel, I’m digging your nice green laser sword. XD Looks like things just got more complicated!!

    LOL @ Kabuto’s suggestion. Poor Gattack! xD

  8. Drossel actually saved gattack ^_^

  9. kill them all! XD

    sorry mate, my laptop died about a month now. Thats why I’m on hiatus for a moment ^^;

  10. Yayy DROSSEL!
    Love the light saber arm! That’s some nice mod-ing. ^^

    • i started off with a smaller one from my Keroro fix figuration, then i was wing zero’s beam saber laying around… and it fit perfectly too lol much more menacing ^^

  11. lolxx!! drossel crashing the party! and she sure looks powerful.. XD nice mod on the beam saber man!! she looks perfect with it! somehow she reminds me of terminator.. haha. yay! cant wait for the next episode! see the figures combine forces.. many a totem attack? lolx! ^^

    • robot popping out of nowhere and threatening your life, yup very terminator like lol everything will end in the next chapter! haha totem attack XD dunno if they can pull off the balancing act required for that one ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. I really love the way you took the photo angle! it really match with the stories and expression!
    I wonder why drossel ended up chasing all of them haha

  13. Go Drossel go!


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