Keroro Adventures! -Episode 03-

Welcome to Keroro Adventures! Episode 03ย  -de arimasu!

Looks like Keroro Gunso was rescued from his earlier sticky situation…

*Kero… what am i still doing here in this pekopons house*

Kero: Umm, thanks for saving me earlier.

Kero: But its about time i get going.

Yuki: Do you like Gunpla? want to see my collection?

Kero: …Gunpla?!

Maybe its okay to stay a little while longer. *Anything for Gunpla*

Now where are they…


Kero: Kerooo! what is this? I changed my mind, i need to go home!

Yuki: You are home. How about some tea?

Yuki: …Delicious.

Kero: Ehhhh! Dont act so casual, your forcing me to stay here!

Right, in case you get bored while im out.

I brought you a companion.


-to be continued


Little parody ofย  “Melancholy of Haruhi-chan” ๐Ÿ˜›




~ by rockleelotus on December 2, 2009.

21 Responses to “Keroro Adventures! -Episode 03-”

  1. yay! episode 03!! lolx!! keroro is so cute!! and yuki looks so dark.. haha.. maybe you can try tilting her head further so you can only see her fringe.. makes a person looks dark without showing the face.. =D and i think some photos looks a teeny weeny dark? forgive me!! =P i love the plop and boota!! CUTE! heh. had a good laugh.. =D

    • if you watch the Melancholy of Haruhi-chan then youll understand why Yuki seems dark. she keeps a little Ryoko as her “pet” ๐Ÿ˜› i know what you mean about the dark photos! there isnt much sun out these days so my photos turn out pretty bad and blurry XD i thought these were “manageable” thats why i didnt edit brightness *i are lazy* lol …will try to put more effort next time ^^

      • ah! i see.. its totally okay!!! they’re fine as it is.. no stress k!.. i feel so bad.. >.< im oso very lazy.. haha. sometimes i dun edit my photos too. getting photos from camera to the blog is the biggest inertia for me. XD

        oh! from melancholy of haruhi i see.. aww i haven watched it.. but i felt the darkness from yuki fully. ^^ i hardly have time for anime nowadays.. except during lunchtime with tako.. we've jus started watching Gundam 00 S2.. hah yes.. now you understand how slow we are catching up to current animes?? XD good job btw!!

        • dont worry about it and thx ^^ actually i only started to really watch anime this year so i have lots of catching up to do as well!

          also “Melancholy of Haruhi-chan” is quite silly, each ep is about 5 min and very funny! i like it better than the original series and its not very time consuming to check out ^_~

  2. kero must be happy with her ^^;

  3. the golden cap on kero head seems familiar is that cap of laser ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Oooh dear… Keroro just became Yuki’s pet (very convenient, she persuasion). She’s soooo casual in dealing with Keroro. XD

    While she’s out, he got Boota for companion (and Boota is known to be hot-blooded as well).

  5. Lol keroro would do anything for gunpla! Seeing boota reminds me of this certain little angel that I was suppose to take…

    Keroro does make for a nice pet though..if you feed him with gunpla he will do the house work, wash the dishes, comes up with weird contraptions!!!

    Speaking about editing…lol…I have the exact opposite situation!! I have a tendency to over edit. In gundam we have AMS (advance modeler syndrome) where a person just keeps modding and modding and it is always never perfect to him. Now I think I am having AES…advance editing syndrome!!!

    • oh what is this you were suppose to take? thats true, he has mastered housework while living with the Hinatas lol

      haha you really dived in deep with photo editing! AES XD maybe some of your future pics will be nothing but special effects from corner to corner ๐Ÿ˜› …will get an intervention ready for you if you start to abuse it lol

      • Hee I’ll do that little angel post later if i have the chance hehe.. got something to do wit eva again ๐Ÿ˜€

        You better stand by that intervention lol (what would that intervention be i wonder…) for the next sousou vs ryubi fight ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. lol that’s Keroro in a nutshell XD

  7. hoho, Yuki got a new pet! is boota gonna get eaten again?

  8. BOOTA!!!! Dammit!

    LOL about last picture! Achakura!!

  9. omg i love this! lolol poor Keroro.

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