Gundam Unicorn Bust + Eva Weirdness!

Completed the panel lining and coloring for the Unicorn head base… but right now its a “Unicorn head bust” while its not being used as a stand ๐Ÿ˜›

With decal upgrade!

The panel lines are a bit messy, i used gundam markers to color the insides of the fins gold and the neck area gray. Got a little impatient waiting for the color to dry so some parts are not as smooth ^^;

Lets take a closer look…


Too close!

Kinda hard to tell but i added some black and green for the eye area. Used a real touch black marker as i dont have anything else… needed to add like 5 coats for it to be just okay lol and the green was metallic green but looks black ^^; also a touch of green on the forehead sensor. Spiced it up with some of Wing Zero’s wet decals lol

The decals still dont stick too well XD note to self; no more applying these wet decals unless i get some flat spray!


Because Ren shared some shots of Tako’s new revoltech Eva and moemoekyun’s secret Eva loot i decided to dig out my one and only surviving Eva unit i had from long ago ^^

My Eva 01

Its an old glow-in-the-dark version, hard to see details without good lighting… also his horn is broken XD because of the material he is a bit sticky and coated with a layer of dust, needs cleaningย  ^^;


Eva: Ohh this helmet has a horn!

Eva: Now i wont be mocked as hornless

Konata Kick!!!!

Konata: Who dares touch my helmet?! DESTROY!!

Eva: Aaaiiieeeee!


Me: Dont feel sad Eva, i have two options for you!



Option one:

Eva: Doesnt feel right, plus still no horn…



Option two:

Eva: Feels right, but still no horn… *its broken also XD*

Me: …BYE!

Yup, i still had only heads of those other Evas… weird huh? ๐Ÿ˜› okay end of weird post ^^


~ by rockleelotus on December 4, 2009.

28 Responses to “Gundam Unicorn Bust + Eva Weirdness!”

  1. is that eva revoltech ver ??
    It cost more than $100 now in auction
    nice unicorn helmet ^_^ you paint it already

  2. Lol…that glow in the dark reminds of eva first appearance during the second impact!! (Time for chubs edit lol will borrow your pic ^^) Many our posts all getting eva crazy…time to take out my eva gashapons my some photo taking ๐Ÿ˜€

    Konata kickuu!!! + Gundam Unicorn head = Ultimate konata!!

  3. hah Konata kick ass, be it human or not! =3

  4. Hmm it doesn’t that is weird, I tried clicking on my side its ok so far…hmm…

    • Ok try this 2 links instead


      Hope it works!!

  5. Sorry second one forgot to add the ‘h’ lol

  6. So sad, Eva 01 wants a horn and gets a Konata kick instead. Putting a non-glow in the dark head on the Eva 01 looks… Odd. =_=;

    @chubbybots: nice edit. Now THATS what I called glowing. =)

    • @ moemoekyun Hehe putting da bling in da robo!!

      @ bd77 Thanks!! It remember the scene in Eva the entire eva was actually glowing during the first impact/2nd impact (sorry not sure already!!)

  7. @chubbybots: awesome edit, you really gave him a creepy sinister and berserk feel ^_^b nice touch with the fog breath!

    @moemoekyun: lol eva bling bling upgrade

    @bd77: he chose the wrong helmet to touch, he was on the verge of going berserk.. in which chubbybots kindly provided an edit for Lol! and yes, he looks extremely odd with those option head XD

  8. Heheh, drossel konata with destroy head, dunno why but every time I look at it, it’s funny. Does Unicorn head come with clear parts for the eye? You can try putting an LED

    • as chubbybots mentioned, she looks like a bobble head lol

      yea the Unicorn head has clear parts inside, even in the magazine it shows a LED mod version! definitely something i want to attempt ^^

  9. wow! you did a great job on the head!! damn those decals looks nice! haha.. makes me wanna start on my own one.. ^^ and cool!! i dug up EVA-01 too! looks wicked… smthing like the super EVA-01.. more buffed up den my skinny 01 lolx… love to see it glow man.

    hahaha.. your omake is hilarious as ever.. super funny! i din know it fits both very well!! XD good to have a few more masks for EVA too.. heheh.. its like Masked EVA Decade. lolx!

    • thx man! i liked how it turned out and the scale is so nice, maybe i will get the conversion kit XDDD ..cant wait to see how yours turn out! ^^

      actually my Eva is so old, it barely has glowing power anymore ^^; glad you enjoyed the omake, Masked Eva Decade! lol HENSHIN!

  10. I think the head’s coming out great so far! Can’t wait to see it completed ^^.


  11. Nice unicorn head! I know someone who use pencil then marker for the outline tho.

  12. the head alone is so much better looking! And those lining really adds a nice detail for the head!

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