HGM Neue Ziel WIP 01

Started working on Neue Ziel today. Still not familiar with doing a proper WIP post… these are the only pics i snapped while working on him ^^;

Where are my legs?

You dont have legs…


Attempted to clean up the nubs a little but did a really bad job XD Most of the time i end up digging in when scrapping with the hobby knife ^^;; This time i also used the file a lot to sand down the numbs in a different approach. It worked really well in most cases but there were some errors…

Example of crap job..

Other side, what the heck was i doing? *cries*

Kinda ready to Launch!

Check, check and check!

Gonna re watch the anime for ideas ^^

Extra arm thingies.

Next step is more clean up and panel lining, maybe a mod to add some articulation to the elbows or something? not that i know how to do it lol or just do the usual battle damage? considering his scale the damage with have to be detailed in a different way. This guy is very cool, im not even done yet but want a MG version now! ๐Ÿ˜›

Then there is this:

hohoho the tiny little Zaku and GP03, the pieces require glue XD looks impossible to paint or panel line… dunno how ren did such a good job on that Kero Zaku!

Its so small…

*thats what she said* XDDD


~ by rockleelotus on December 7, 2009.

32 Responses to “HGM Neue Ziel WIP 01”

  1. Fwah, starting on this beast already haha. Man Nagi is very surprised at that small scale GP03 ^^. (Can’t get enough of that look!!) I think it will be as small as ren’s keroro zaku from the looks of it. Interestingly my next work will be from this series once I am done with my genosaurer ๐Ÿ˜€

    In fact he has a beam coat which deflects lasers so not very likely he will get laser burnt marks. Most of the damage should come from projectiles ๐Ÿ˜€ Just info if you are planning to do battle damage haha ^^ Nevertheless do what you like!

    Maybe do it like this lol!

    • gonna run to orchad road and get Nagi, chubby ??

      • Noo!!!!!! lol enough Nendoroids for this year already lol:D

        • @chubbybots: the beam coat was a very surprising piece of technology to see! will keep that in mind, thx! LMAO that Decade 00 complete form is hilarious, what an awesome mod haha

          looking forward to your next build ^^ btw does that mean at Jan 1st at 12:00 youll rush out to get nagi? ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. The small parts, the painting, the putting it together… those are the reason why I don’t own any gunpla. I know I’m gonna butchered it and would be angry at myself for the phailure and kill myself afterward. LOL

    • @ kluxorious yes you are right…can be quite a tedious process getting all the details and parts right! And there is a high chance of burnout and you end up not finishing the kit! ‘Butchering’ a gunpla lol ๐Ÿ˜€ Nice way to put it.

    • as chubbybots said, it can be tedious, but also very rewarding ^^ youll never know till you try! although with the expectations you laid out it could be a deadly experiment lol

  3. Wow. A Neue Ziel MA.That guy is scary when deploys all his arms out.

    Too bad for the ending though…

  4. It’s too small ^^; then don’t paint it !! LOL
    now I want neue ziel too >_<

  5. @ rockleelotus that might be the case buhaha!!! Nah I am starting to fancy getting a Yoko ๐Ÿ˜€ I love nendoroid with guns hehe…(dubious plans starto!!)

    • lol Yoko is a good choice too, very hard decisions when it comes between cute and ermm cute LOL i agree nendos with artillery will go well with your collections ^^ ohh ho more dubious plans a brewin’?!

  6. maybe chubby mean at Jan 1st at 12:00 he’ll rush out to get yoko? ๐Ÿ˜›
    I saw yoko somewhere ^__^

  7. I often end up digging too deep when scrapping with the hobby knife too, especially when it comes to a round surface ๐Ÿ˜†
    those tiny Zaku could become the Neue Ziel pilot. The story would be, the actual Neue Ziel pilot is having a cosplay competition and decide to wear Zaku outfit, since there is no bus heading to the venue, he goes there riding the Neue Ziel…

    • i noticed that i tend to clean the nubs before seeing how they fit with the other part. that can cause problems because then the area isnt leveled, especially on round parts like you mentioned lol

      LOL nice story XD so that would make the Neue Ziel like a pimpin’ limo? maybe he was dressed as Zaku to meet up with the 00 cosplayer from AFA ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. I also end up gouging the part way more often than I should when using the hobby knife. >__>; I think I’m getting better with practice from Trans-Am Raiser. …I hope I’m getting better. :|a

    I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t seen the series which this MA appeared in, but darn, that design is badass. O_O Look at all those arms!! The tiny Zaku and GP03 pieces give a very good idea of the difference in size. x_X Looking forward to see what you’re planning for him. :>

    • im actually pretty sure im not getting any better XD but im always looking for different ways to clean those annoying nubs. btw for you PG 00R you will have bigger parts with bigger nubs? maybe youll need a butcher knife instead of hobby knife ๐Ÿ˜›

      this MA is from “Gundam 0083: Stardust Memories” very cool series, do check it out ^_^ i only watched it recently myself.

      • LOL butcher knife. XDDD Sandpaper not enough, use sander.

        Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind! I still have yet to finish MSG, got about 11 episodes to go. xDD I’m so slow with watching and finishing Gundam haha.

      • I remember when I assembled my PG Wing Zero… I used scissors, crafting knife, nail clipper + file and sandpaper…

        Turns out ok, the sandpaper is only after finding out that shoulder peg is too big.

        • @evangelisque: lol your going to need some power tools for that kit! ๐Ÿ˜› …and im only on ep6 of MSG ^^;

          @bd77: that brings back memories, when i first started i only used nail clippers. after that i advanced to hobby knife before stopping. come to think of it, i used to use a hobby knife to cut the pieces off the runner… that was Dangerous! XD

        • My cutting tools are all cheap ones. Nail clipper, nail scissors, cutter. Just recently I bought a tamiya mini saw, that’s my first proper tool for cutting >.<

  9. XDD Gunpla assembly gone electrical.

    I used scissors for my first few kits too haha, only started using hobby knife this year. xD;

  10. Neue Ziel reminds me of Kystrayia?(Dunno how to spell)
    But Neue Ziel came before Kystrayia… Pity Anaval Gato didn’t manage to use it very long…

    • NZ-666 “Kshatriya” this how to spell
      neue ziel is much bigger see the GP03 is looks so tiny ^^;

    • i noticed that recently too! its the color and huge shoulder armor ^^ it really is a pity and from the UC series ive seen so far, most crazy Zeon mobile armors get destroyed pretty quickly XD

  11. That’s too much robot spirit when sanding your neue ziel ^_^
    you can always fix them by using putty. First time I knew neue ziel is from gundam battle assault 2 on playstation, it has big big body so only half can fit into the tv screen lol!

    • yup got a bit carried away! havent worked with putty before, still much to learn ^^;
      lol that sounds like a fun game, neue ziel would make an epic boss if you have to take him on with only one mobile suit!

  12. I’ve had times when I’ve scraped too deep and just fucked the thing up ^^;;;.

    I usually do the penal lines when everything on the runners, orz. I think it’s a bit easier sometimes.

    I miss building&painting gunpla. I haven’t done it in…. forever. T_T

    • with Exia and Wing Zero i did most panel lining while it was on the runners, and lots of touch ups after wards since my style is to make things dirty lol

      its a great feeling to jump back in and use those hands to create something. c’mon, take the leap ^_^

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