Laser Tag! -part 3-

“And the winner is…”

Kabuto: I have a plan…

*mumble mumble mumble*

Get into positions!

Guys… what about me?

Kabuto: Over here!

Drossel: Your taking the fun out of my hunt.

*classic side strifing*



*pew pew*

*drossel retracts hand…*


!                                  !                             !

Here i come!




Maybe this is the key to our victory…

and all i have to do is give her a taste of my mighty “rod”…

So they left me here because im important!

Yosh! Time to find the others and take down that freak!

-the end


This was actually suppose to be an animated short that stopped at the “WTH” reveal lol but i got lazy to do the “filming” process and tried to extend it into a story instead. A little uninspired with the conclusion and effects in this final part ^^;; Well, hope you somewhat enjoyed this XD


~ by rockleelotus on December 9, 2009.

20 Responses to “Laser Tag! -part 3-”

  1. Holly Sheet!

    Drossel the Bounty Hunter is behind the blue dude!

  2. WHuut?… End already? O_o

    • Yep XDDD i was just going with the flow on this one and didnt put much thought into it. this isnt the original way i was going to end it too but its still somewhat conclusive lol

      …the action bits are left to your imagination ^^;;

  3. lol.. its so typical of gatack to be full of himself.. hahaha.. nice edits!! ahaha.. maybe they shld clock up to stand a chance.. ^^

  4. Man lol the last picture is pure win :D….looks like she is gonna behead him or something!!

    Oh I noticed that you pictures are very clear this time round, hehe you changed camera or something? 🙂

    • yep its impending doom! shes gunna use her twin beams like a scissor on his neck lol

      ive been using my desk lamp lately instead of the room light and remember in one of your comments you talked about taking multiple pics of the same image? i did that this shoot and had some nice results ^^ also did some editing… im surprised too that most shot came out pretty good this time around!

  5. that’s the end ???? lol

  6. Haha! Blue kamen rider revealing the plans so openly! LoL!

  7. Lol at the last picture, gattack is stupid >.<
    I love the strafing shot, and somehow I can hear the sound effect of star wars' beam saber here.

  8. Where does Drossel learn to repel laser attack like that? Darth Vader? 😆

  9. Your a dead meat Gatack XDD

  10. lol @ the last image. XD
    enjoyed this very much!

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