HGM Neue Ziel WIP 02

Quick update. Did overall panel lining and colored the thrusters silver. Need to get some more markers in different colors so i can start on the little Zaku and GP03!

Reach for your dreams!

He comes with a long flexible wire that you cut in half(one for each arm) very fun to play with but doesnt hold to steady.

thrusters on the arm ^^

Also started  some weathering on the shoulder armor. I spent over an hour experimenting on this XD Added dents with the same process i used on Wing Zero. Tried to do some weird shading with the gundam markers, most of which i cleaned off because it didnt look right ^^;

Front shoulder: before and after

Back shoulder: before and after

Shoulder side armor

Also, i broke one of the pegs that connect the shoulder pieces together as i was taking it apart to work on XD no big problem but I need to almost completely take apart this guy just to get to certain pieces, and ill prolly break another peg in the process lol

Whole lot more work to do!


~ by rockleelotus on December 10, 2009.

32 Responses to “HGM Neue Ziel WIP 02”

  1. You sure are brave when comes to break a peg or two, which I will go to great length in avoid it.
    Mightily impressive weathering effect, IMO… Wait, those cables are flexible or just plain ol’ gunpla that “looks” like a cable?…

    • its unfortunate that the peg broke but the pieces still snap and hold together thankfully. i do a bit of hacking away at my kits so a broken peg doesnt bother me much so long as the basics still work ^^;

      the cable is pretty much a black tube with i think a copper wire inside. its completely flexible, pretty neat ^^

  2. That is some solid weathering mate!! Already looks painted from where I see ^^ Planning any slash marks on the shoulders this time round?

    • thx man! it does look like real paint in these pics but in person is not so impressive lol ill keep testing for a non painted painted look! 😛

      hmmm not sure about slashes but i am planning on trying missile damage, i imagine it will be similar to bullet holes only bigger ^^ and maybe melted armor from being hit by the sun ray thing!

      • haha I am planning to try out some of these stuff on my hygogg first haha as a victim 😀 then on the Jegan haha ^^ (I just love the color green haha) Would love to see how you execute that melted armor effect!

        • lol there always has to be a victim when testing new techniques! the Jegan does have a nice cool green color, wouldnt wanna spoil that with experimenting ^^

  3. Whoa! Nice weathering effect! I am looking forward to see the mini zaku and gp03, want to see how it turns out!

    • don’t get poison marzz !!!!
      rocklee is my next target lol >_<

      • Hopefully i won’t! I still have things i wanna buy… HG masurao… My wallet is poison proof like Rocklee! Haha!
        But damn… The Neue Ziel looks good…

        • @marzz: thx! the minis are all white so i need to get some red, blue and green markers somewhere XD
          priority on the list beats poison! lol

          @moemoekyun: uh oh ive been targeted… activate I-Field! or should i say AT Field haha

  4. wow I don’t know the hand can do that ^^; reminds me with zeong lol

  5. Just a clarification, is this the 1/144 which comes in a 1/100 box?

  6. for your neue ziel enemy cheaper than 300 usd

  7. queen mansa (most likely khsatriya prototype) ^^;

  8. Nice weathering man. How did you do that? Looks great even without paint, that’s one way to save money.

    And people here really love to poison each other, ugh, you guys are evil, I will end up getting poisoned by all of you >.<

    • Yes, blogging is dangerous lol!!! Daily poisoning from everyone 😀 look at me I started out with only my Gundam and now I have my mini eva figures, Ugly dolls (which I already poison someone haha!!) and Nendoroids (Thank you rocklee!!!)

      • I’m the one who poisoned so badly >_< with everything

        • @heathorn: thanks! a metal file is my main tool when it comes to adding damage. i aim to try and save money with my builds XD no paints or sprays forces you to think outside the box!

          @everyone: yes! we are all friends here so whats up with the massive poisoning?! 😛 haha sorry chubbybots, unintentional poisoning of nendo cuteness.

          since i started this blog a few months ago i increased my collection maybe 4 folds XDDD hobby blogging is very dangerous… to the wallet! lol

  9. Also agreeing that the weathering effect looks great! *_* And woah, the details on the underneath side of the parts!! I also like that the hand comes with three thrusters to paint. XD

    I’m afraid of breaking pegs, but you’re right; as long as the parts can hold together, it’s not really a big deal. At least it’s not as bad as breaking parts. @_@

    • thank you! i think with this guy and the RX78 i havent opened yet, i have been won over by HGUC kits ^^
      painting small parts with markers is tough and it gets very messy… at least the way i do it lol

  10. […] resist getting him in my collection Why start now because of these 2 posts made by fellow bloggers Rockleelotus and Katsuden! They reminded me how much I love this series. Well this will be a simple snap fit but […]

  11. always love your weathering man!
    You should try to use flat coat. I heard that it could give nice effect for a no-paint technique. I haven’t try it though, so I don’t really know whether it’s true or false 😆 too afraid to try it also, I’m not ready to sacrifice another gundam for experiment yet

    • thanks dude ^_^ im really tempted to try flat coating too but scared to ruin my kits also lol it would really help give the kit some more realism.
      im still not familiar with the order of procedures, like add damage, spray, then color? haha thats all unknown territory for me ^^;

  12. like i always say, i really love the weathering you do! 😀

    and what’s this; everyone poisoning everyone, lololol.

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