HGM Neue Ziel WIP 03

Now that its the weekend, i got a LOT done with Neue Ziel weathering and painting ^^ and i attempted to make a small tutorial on how i “paint” this guy. Many pics ahead!

We have here most of the pieces that have received their fair share of damage. Only tool i used was the little file you see at the bottom left corner, hands are very cramped at this point ^^;

close up of the scratches and dents

Now on to adding some color! This is a real simplified tutorial i attempted, just tried to get the basic idea across of the steps i use.

Hope this can be useful to any of those who dont paint like me 😛 ill try to make one for battle damage too.

After a few hours of messy coloring:

The big dent on his right shoulder is where he got hit by the missile remember?

I noticed that the metallic green comes off strong in the pics, will need to try and lighten it a bit. At this point i was too exhausted to go on ^^; I got a bit curious and added some metallic green to the thrusters, very sloppy but i was too tired to care.

Arms not touched yet but i did color the Zeon symbol on the base gold! lol

Here are some detail shots:

He is coming along very nicely ^_^ Neue Ziel rocks! after i finish the weather i will try to attempt some battle damage.

end of WIP 03, results of painting session


~ by rockleelotus on December 12, 2009.

34 Responses to “HGM Neue Ziel WIP 03”

  1. Nice… Only if you have some Salamis and Magellan cruisers, you can have a complete battle diorama. Along with those puny MS units.

  2. So that’s how you make your neue ziel look that good even without painting ^_^ Thx for sharing the weathering method rocklee!
    Will definitely try it on my next projects.
    About the metallic green, is it because ziel is green in color, or do you usually use that for another gunpla also?

    Oh, and I think a final matt coat will help protect the weathering effect you had done.

    • really glad you found it helpful, looking forward to seeing your attempts in the future ^^ about the metallic green, yup i used it because he is green. think of that step as a way to add some highlights to the kit, so choose an appropriate color to match.

      thx for the tip, matt coat sounds great but i havent tried that before and fear ruining my kits lol im sure ill attempt it in the future but as for now its rainy season so i must wait ^^;

      • matt coat sometimes is dangerous, especially when the weather is bad. I am sure you know of frost. It happened to my vlag >.<

      • hi Rockleelotus,i’ve found the weathering you’ve done really interesting…and,it’s my impression,but in the pic “nz_wip03 003” the metallic green coat you’ve done in that frontal thruster on the belt,with that angle and light,seem like an LED effect come out from there! 😀

  3. oh dear I got poisoned for your neue ziel I should put him in my wish list >_< (even though I don't have painting skill)

    • ill sell you mine for double… no triple the face value! 😛
      another case of unintentional poisoning, sorry moemoekyun XD

      • >_< so damn cruel
        but I am aiming for soul of chogokin or more nendo first zeon crappy mobile armor must wait 😀
        crappy because always destroyed lol:Big Zam,lalah's MA,qeens mansa,neue ziel,etc

  4. ps: I only watched stardust memory episode one 5 years ago lol and I forgot all the story ^^;

    • just joking buddy ^^ but your right zeon mobile armor, they always get destroyed within about 2 episode of being show lol they look cool though.

      stardust memory is awesome, watch it again if you have the time ^^

  5. kits that will be awesome for your diorama project
    (don’t want to poison but be careful with the link XD)

  6. Holy crap, the weathering looks AMAZING; you keep getting better and better at it! Very nice and helpful tut too. Will try it out myself one of these days lolol.

    • lol thanks! 😀 gotta keep experimenting for better results! im still not satisfied, might have to add new tools and materials to my repertoire ^^
      you know im still hoping i get a chance to see some of your gunpla one of these days ^^;

  7. Thanks for sharing man! Will try this out next time! A question, can the nail polish remover i shared with everyone be used in place of the rubbing alcohol?

    • no problem, hope it will help you in your builds ^^
      hmm i never used nail polish remover so im not familiar with its effects. the purpose of the alcohol is to keep the paint from the marker a little wet and blended. then when you apply it, its more smooth.

      do experiment and practice on a small area to see if you can get that effect and let me know if it works ^^

  8. dude I got to say this, this is one of your best works coming for you ^^ Everything is perfect right down to the scratches!! Haha that metallic green on the edges is a nice touch, I was wondering what did you do for the edges ^^

    And that tutorial page is neat…thought it was from hobby japan at first!! Hehe can’t wait to see the battle damage soon!

    • woah thx for the encouraging words! 😀 i think i will keep this style as my main technique for weathering. i like how kits look with dented corners, reminds me of the UC timeline art style ^^ trying to achieve the chipped paint look is my main goal next.

      haha that will be my first fan published tutorial XD need to do major pondering on how to tackle some new battle damage!

      • By the way what program did you use to create such a picture tutorial? Would love to try that. Or we can compile our stuff and make a nice little tutorial ebook for everyone haha ^^

        And waiting for Ren to finish up with his room…want to get that RX78 groupbuild going!!

        • i used photoshop.
          what i did was make a black background>
          import each pic and re size it smaller>
          move them into place>
          and add text!
          very basic ^^ i like that idea of a tutorial ebook, we can all help each other out by sharing tips ^^

          i havent touched/opened my RX78 yet! but im very eager to get started on the group build too! ^^

        • woah! nice build there lee.. as always!! haha.. i can never bear to damage them.. ^^ haha.. very nicely done..!!! i loved it.. its almost MG alr!!

          and haha.. im feeling the pressure man. guys!! pls start the build group!! i feel very bad being the blockade.. i think i can finish my room by next week.. so you guys can start first!! and also.. maybe we can decide on the scale and grade?? when its decided we can start alr! i’ll catch up! =)

  9. Haha you are back dude!! Nah we can wait ^^ We still have a photo contest to submit. By the way both me and rock have the 1/144 version ^^ Maybe you borrow from tako 😀

  10. @ren: thx ren ^^ if i learned panting i could add better weathering without doing damage to the kit, like chipped pain effect(love it). but dont have the time/space/money to learn ^^; haha turning HG to MG is the goal!

    dont worry about the group build, we dont mind waiting till your done with the room reno. well since its a RX78 group build i think the main rule is that it has to be a RX78 kit! there will be no scale restriction, so you can build your LE! and maybe tako can join in and test painting ^^ also no time limit lol keep the pressure off 😛 but you need to do WIP posts. hows that sound?

    • sounds great! hahaha for a moment i tot you were speaking singlish! chubbybots and my ‘native’ english.. singaporean english – thus Singlish. lolx! becos of the LE.. nvm anyway… XD

      cool! maybe i’ll buy another one in addition to the LE.. dun spoil tako’s one.. heh.. wanna try the EVA-01 build haha. so exciting! =D and thanks alot guys.. for waiting! cool.. WIP!! that settles it.. we could publish a post too for others thats interested to join in.. ^^

  11. Sweet 😀 so when we starting? I’ll do a post a kick the ball rolling ^^ got some ideas in the head already haha 😀

    • @ren: lol my singlish good leh XD i used to play an MMO and party with some guys that always add “lah”and “leh” at the end of every sentence, got me so confused haha

      so cool if you can pick up another kit, yeah eva RX78!! i agree about making a post to get some more folks to join in, and looks like its decided chubbs will take the lead! ^_^

      @chubbybots: maybe it will start by next week or so ^^ looking forward to the post! wonder how many people will be interested to join in lol
      so ren will attempt “Unit RX78 Eva” ^^
      and i think ill try “RX78 Kamen Rider Faiz” 😛
      you have a plan for yours?

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